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Sunday, June 12, 2016Y

It's been years since the last time I posted a new recipe. I'm a super duper lazy person when it comes to cooking so my recipe is always the simplest. My baby girl loves oyakodon and so I got the recipe online and improvise it abit

50ml Dashi Soup 
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1/2 tbsp Sugar
1/2 tbsp Mirin

1/2 Small Onion
85g Chicken Meat (3 oz)
2 Eggs
10 Japanese Wild Parsley or spring onions 
200g Rice 

Mix all the sauce together and heat up the small pan (I used to try it in a bigger pan and it didn't turn up well so I got a 20cm pan which makes it the perfect size). 
Then add in the onions and bring it to a boil. Make sure the onions are well cooked so tat it won't be too hard. I'm an onion lover so I always add a lot of onions. 
I then add the meat (I love to use meat from the drumstick. I know it's hard to debone but we Hav an angel call the maid). Cook it thoroughly before adding in the egg mixture. 
Lower the heat so tat u don over cool the omelette. 
Now the oyako is almost ready. Prepare your bowl of white Japanese rice and pour in ur oyako and here is ur oyako don. Itadakimasu. 


muahz & hugz
Friday, June 10, 2016Y
My favourite soup

I am a soup lover but there's one soup which is my super duper favourite which is the pork liver soup with ginger! Serve it hot and its two thumbs up!!! 

muahz & hugz
*i'm a proud parent today*

i donno is it jus me or are mothers the same? i was so excited for Chlowe's first school performance for over a week already. Everytime she came back, i asked her so what are u gonna perform during the sing-a-long? then she will jus say 'lalalala'. and then raise her hands up and raise her hands down. thats it?! nothing else? OMG.
finally the day has come..(as though it's my performance). but my hubby is even at a more kiasu mode than i am. once he left chlowe in her class, her waiting at the auditorium for her performance at 9am to get good seats of course. we got the front row with no heads blocking us! #kiasumodemaxON. on the other hand i was afraid that chlowe would spot us and would run to us and not perform on stage *panics* i then tell my hubby tat wrong move la. u sit so front. later chlowe sure run to us and pattern again.
*silence* the music started and the kids one by one were assisted on stage. u can see the little ones shouting mummy and daddy. anxiously looking for their parents. mummy....daddy... then finally i saw my chlowe up on stage. *yay*. she was scanning through the crowds to look for us then when she spotted us she shouted' hello daddy and mummy' and gracefully dancing at her own tempo. Standing next to her best pal Hazel and shaking herself and hitting the two wooden rods on her hand. *NOW IT MAKES SENSE* all these while she was mimicking this dance. some of the kids had to be assisted off the stage cause once they spotted their parents...
Finally mrs omar, the head of pre-kindy made a short speech to start the concert. and guess wat? my dear daughter hav to interrupt her speech by saying 'daddy, mummy, i wan to sit next to u'. OMG and double OMG. luckily she was okie when my hubby waved to her and showed hand signs to ask her to get back to her line.

my baby is now a little girl who can sing and dance confidently on the stage #proudmommoments. although she doesn't follow the exact instructions from the teachers but tats cause she's only 3.

muahz & hugz
Thursday, June 09, 2016Y
*sungkai at Freshco*

Known as the mega buffet of Brunei, it indeed lived up to its name. Houses all the different restaurants under one roof like all seasons restaurant, auntie Anne's, I love yoo!, sushi Tei, pasta mania. So basically it's an all in one buffet of eat all u can. 
There's two types of lamb which was being served however it's abit too dry and not to my liking. Still prefers lamb Mandhi from tandoor.com. 
Here's the Peking duck station from the all seasons. If you are not asking for quality then this will pass ur taste buds. The skin is too dry. 
Auntie Anne's corner. Too bad they didn't Hav their full range but at least they hav their cinnamon pretzel. 
Dim sums and even more of them. Let it be steam or fry. All from all seasons. 
Normally the noodles only has 2 soup base but this noodle station is from killeny (I'm sure I didn't get the spelling correct but I jus couldn't be bothered to google it). Ranges from Mee siam to curry noddles, Mee rebus and laksa. 
Prawns again. I'm usually a seafood lover but after yesterday's sungkai dinner from Excapade I still can feel the prawns and crab legs swimming in my tummy. 
Tadaa the sushi boat. I'm really not a fan of sushi Tei Brunei as compared to the one from Singapore. I still prefer kaizen sushi. 
Sashimi galore. Burps. Took only 4 pcs of salmon sashimi and okies. Next please. 
It's surprising how the pasta made from pasta mania is actually quite nice. My little girl loves the creamy chicken carbonara and the chef was nice to cook her one with less salt too. 
Seriously? tofu fa in a buffet? I'm definitely not complaining. My favourite. 

Overall rating for food is okie. Not great but if u love varieties then this is good. Value for money? Well if u r a SCB card holder then congratulations cause u get an additional 35% discount off ur bill! But if u r a BIBD card holder you get a 20% discount too. Price is B$29.90 for adults. So you will Hav to do the maths. I will still put this on my sungkai list next year. As for now I'm so stuffed tat i find it hard to even breathe!

muahz & hugz
*I'm back again after a long hiatus*

I'm back again. Thanks to godaddy for not automatically renewing my domain name and i can't even re-register it and after like 2 long years, i finally managed to get back my weinnie.com and this time it's gonna be on auto-renewal. Who cares if no one is reading my blog. i jus wan to keep the weinnie.com. 
Will update if i am hardworking enough to do so over the next few days. :)

muahz & hugz
Saturday, January 18, 2014Y
~*chlowe's first trip to hongkong: day 3*~

After gathering some foodie info from the taxi driver we decided to try a 'new' dimsum place which is called 'very good restaurant'.

I know the name sounds so boastful. When we arrived it feels like We've actually been to this place before! Yes! We actually did!
This is actually one of the dishes tat we ordered and I love it. Anyways tat was like nearly three years ago. We stopped by hongkong after my huawei training in Shenzhen. I wonder when r we going to have another training? Anyways. How did I manage to remember the place? 

By these of course. I remember the tons of Hk actors and actresses pics all posted near the entrance. This place tasted so much better than Tim ho wan. 

If you have watched the tvb series 'brotherhood' then u will know wat is the significance of this picture. 
Anyways today is baby shopping day. All about chlowe. Cause daddy complained tat I've been shopping so much for myself and nothing for chlowe. Oh well guess my position in my dad's heart had jus gone down one rank. Anyways nothing to compare about. Who will not love this cutie pie of mine? 

Our first stop is to isquare mall cause I found online tat it's the nearest 'baby r us' near us. With the help of the complimentary phone's gps we were able to look for the mall in a jiffy. No more stupid paper maps which make u look like typical tourists. :p

Found it. I Donno why the camera is so blur. But who cares. Snap snap. 

Look how happy my bb is in the stroller provided. Away we go shopping. There r quite a few new toys which I've never seen before. Dad bought her a new stroller which was pretty light weight and easy to use too. Unlike the free mothercare stroller which we got last time when we purchase the bed. Tat was horrendous. It's so heavy. But it did help us a lot during our spore trip. 
The good thing about traveling with a baby is tat you get to rest ur legs every 3 hours or so. We wanted to try the baby cafe which was in the same building. Thinking it will serve baby food or something 

Damn spoilt by her grandparents. Abit hungry like I've starved her for ten days. 

The ambiance of the baby cafe is so good. Definitely not a baby- baby cafe. Haha. Apparently it's a restaurant which was opened by one of the famous models in hongkong Angelababy. 

The real Angelababy

The mock Angelababy... Handelababy

Back to the restaurant. We were all too lazy to choose so we opt for the set meal which was jus hkd128. 

Our amuse bouche 

Homemade garlic butter and olive buns. Double thumbs up. 

Seafood chowder soup. Very smooth and milky. 
My hb chose the prawn salad instead of the soup. 

Now this is the bomb. Mint infused camomile tea with honey. Yummy. 

This is my parents' main course. Honey black pork chop. I tried it. Heavenly. The pork is so tender and juicy. One would expect the pork to be dry and hard. But this is juicy. Maybe cause they use black pig. Oink oink. 

Hubby wanted something light for lunch so he opt for the paper wrapped sole with green tea leaves and veggies. 

The fish is tender and not dry. Perfectly cook. Now for my dish. I love my mains.

It's called the Angela tasting platter which consist of spaghetti Napoleon, scrambled egg with truffles on bread and seated salmon fillet tartare. 
I super love the egg with truffles. The spaghetti is jus okie. Nothing to shout for. But the salmon is great. It's so perfectly done. 


Last but not least they even hav creme brûlée as dessert. 

One would hav wonder where is chlowe. She's was dozing off the whole time we were having our nice lunch. Such a charm. She only woke up when we paid our bills. 

After tat we went to visit our frens in Hk. Dior and her hubby Alex. They both run a toy business in hongkong. 

Look at the amount of toys they hav in the meeting room. This is jus one of the corners of the office which was filled with toys. 

Look at how happy my bb is. She like 'wow am I dreaming' 
Their office is situated near the famous fountain where most of the Hk series r filmed. 

More than 2 decades ago my mum was carrying me and we took a picture with this fountain too. Time sure flies. We should really cherish every moment in life. We should not jus follow wat we think people will like us to be. We live our life and we only live once. So better live it the way we wan it. 

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muahz & hugz
Friday, January 17, 2014Y
~*my sick baby*~

My poor little baby is sick. The puked 3 times consecutively within a minute! Like a Merlion! I was completely shocked! First time she puked I was like oh Okies nothing much. Then within a gap of few seconds she puked again. Then it didn't stop. She puked again and this time even out through her nose!!! I was completely blanked in wat to do! Panic and couldn't do anything. Luckily maid was there. I felt so hopeless. The sight of her puke came out from the nose and mouth is jus unforgettable. Poor baby! Took her to see the doc immediately but doc told us she's fine and not to worry. I hope she gets well soon. I guess maybe the antibodies in my breast milk is not working anymore or not efficient for her at the age of 9 months. *sad* 

muahz & hugz
Wednesday, January 15, 2014Y
~*worst festive season*~

IF i have to vote for the worst festive season then it would have to be CHINESE NEW YEAR. i terribly hate this time of year. I hated it way before i got married. As a child i hated it. i donno why some people love it so much. During my childhood days, i will hav to go back to Penang to celebrate it and it is so boring. The worst time of the year to visit penang, would be during CNY. It's extremely hot and humid. i felt like being roasted there. Had to wake up like 7ish in the morning get dressed and wait for relatives to come...BORING...relatives will be asking stupid questions again. forever the same. it's like it's templated. will talk more about the templated questions later in the post. Then have to go house visitings *BOO*. When i thought CNY would be better after i got married...WRONG THINKING. It's even worst! *yes hubby, if u r reading this. i don enjoy CNY!*

woke up dressed nicely and guess wat. ONLY one family of relative will come. no joke. 1! then we will have to wait for 2 session of lion dance to come and tat's it. first day of chinese new year. OMG. so basically it's like staying and home and wait for durian to drop *boredom to the max* (FYI, this is wat happened for the past two years. it's like de javu).

i always wanted something nicer for Chlowe and hope tat she can enjoy it. Won't wan her to go through wat i went through for CNY. *screams for help if this year is as boring as last two years i will CRY and pulls hair*

Questions that almost all 'relatives' will be asking this year
Q1) How old is your baby?
A: since u nvr attended my baby's full moon, i will excuse you for not knowing

Q2) when are you going to give birth to second one?
A: nope 1 is enough

Q3) but why only 1, must hav a son 
A: wat stupid era is this. any god-damn relative asking me to give birth to a son will sure to get a big bomb from me this year. Hate those old fashioned people. i support 1 child policy. it's my life, my uterus so those annoying relatives who wans a son can go f*ck off. 

*pissed mode and praying that CNY will zoom by ASAP*

muahz & hugz
Friday, January 10, 2014Y
~*the lost ME*~

What script are we supposed to follow in life? It seems like the we are all actors and actresses on the stage trying to make a play which can satisfy our 'audiences'. We only live one life. Do we really wanna go through all those unhappiness jus to please other people? I guess I'm going through this mid life crisis. Thinking tat i will be 30 in jus a couple of months time makes me feel tat I haven't achieved much my whole entire 30 years. My biggest achievement by far was giving birth to chlowe. And basically tats it. Jus very sick and tired of going through unhappy arguments over the same topic. A topic which is always be a start of an argument. How I wish I will hav a strength and courage just to take the initial step to stand up to the 'audiences' and shout 'I DON WANNA ACT NO MORE!'. I know there r jus so many things in life I will regret when I flip through my life chapter on my death bed on day. Should I or should I not make sure tat I will not hav any regrets. Or continue this way and die with regrets?? There's jus a long list of things tat I really wanna do and hav not yet done or can't be done. How I wish I could be given a year chance to do Watever I wan. Jus a year to find myself. Felt I've lost myself...

muahz & hugz