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Tuesday, January 31, 2012Y
~*30th Anniversary*~

30 years of full commitment and love is not an easy task. As a husband and wife, both have to commit to the ups and downs. Going through all the problems. Remain loyalty towards each other is not everyone can achieve. I'm so happy for my parents who celebrated their 30th year anniversary a few months back.

30th years of marriage can be known as the PEARL marriage and is symbolized by the flower lily. Pearls really timeless elegance which gives the meaning of purity in a marriage.

Wat better ways to remember this special day then u hav a photoshoot taken. Initially we were there at the studio because i have to get my wedding dress altered a month before my wedding but dad was being spontaneous tat day and wanted us to take a family pic together. Without much preparation, my hair was at its worst state...the OILY state. We didn't even hav our high heels with us at that time and dad have to drive back to grandpa's place to get it for us. So after all those commotion and spontaneity the outcome of one of the photos...TADAH...

muahz & hugz