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Friday, February 03, 2012Y
~*2.5, 5, 10 or 21??*~

i'm talking about the distance in the SCB Charity Run which i plan to participate this year. Time flies so fast and it's a year already since i last joined the 10km charity run. Well for me it's more like 10km charity stroll. i took 10km last year because my colleagues challenged me, claiming that i can't do it. so to prove them wrong I WILL DO IT. *i will survive ~*and so i did. well of course i was cursing them for the whole of the 10km.

we arrived at the stadium around 6ish. surprisingly there were alot of participants. saw alot of familiar faces there. everyone was quite surprised to see me in the 10km category. well how hard is it to stroll through the distance rite? you must be wondering where am i? only 10% of me can me seen. hehe.
* on your mark, get set...GO... *

luckily i downloaded the iphone apps which can track how far i've walked. at least my only motivator for me. it felt like i'll nvr reach the finishing line. i started the run being in the first few rows. 100m passed, i'm being overtaken. and the next thing i know i was the top 10...not from the front but from the back! i think it won't be a problem if it was walking 10km along orchard road. at least i can see shops along the path. but this is like roads cars and more trees.the best thing was the weather, luckily it was cloudy else i think i'll faint. so we manage to complete the 'run' in:
i know it took a freakingly long time but then at least we were not the last ones to arrive. when i first sighted the finish line, i can see it 'glowing'. the feeling was like as if i'm reaching to heaven.
lesson learnt last year. thus this year i am gonna jus join the fun walk of 2.5km. treating it like a morning walk after tat can go hav my breakfast at phong mun if possible. wat are you waiting for? Forms can be downloaded from this website www.scbruneihalfmarathon.com and you can also register online by the 9th February 2012. The deadline of the registration is 18th March 2012. Come and join the fun!!

muahz & hugz
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