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Thursday, February 23, 2012Y
~*28th National Day*~

Arrived home around 12.30am from my colleague's house. Pot luck was great with loads of yummies. Obviously not all of them cook it themselves. As for me, I ordered from kaizen to minimize the risk of food poisoning for my colleagues. Hehe. Initially i thought i could get away by saying tat i made the sushi myself but my colleagues knew me too well tat i cant cook anything more than 5 steps. Honestly, I made sushi before but It jus doesn't taste as nice as kaizen ones of course.

*the delicious kaizen sushi which i 'made'*

*fish maw soup with crab meat made by Jocelyn*

*spaghetti made by Jack's maid*

*steam fish which was bought by Han Kee and steamed by Ah lu's maid, so i'm not sure where the credit should go to...all i know is the fish went to my tummy*

*the famous nasi briyani with lamb from Sengkurong, all this credit goes to Ah lu of course cause he made the effort to order in advance and drove all the way to Sengkurong jus to get this for us*

*chu chu's oven baked chicken wings*

*made by ching's maid*

*beef stew made my ah hong's uncle, i only tried the quail eggs in it cause i don eat beef, but i heard from the rest tat the stew is really good and the meat is really tender all soaked with flavors*

*made by Jocelyn, previously she made this before and i fell in love with it. it's actually cauliflower baked with cheese and loads of butter. a healthy yet NOT so healthy dish*

*satay from SML in Batu Bersurat ordered by Francis. Chicken and Beef satays, well the satays there are always great, they hav other varieties of meat as well like, ostrich, prawn, camel, etc.*

After a full dinner, tat's when the 'real' activities starts. well for us of course it's mahjong. but for us, it's not really the full set of mahjong cause we are all beginners and the only time we actually played mahjong is on our iphone. hence results with tons of laughters through the entire game...

Got woken up by my body alarm at around 8am. I thought it was 11am d when I woke up. Don think I had a good nite sleep. Was tossing n turning the whole nite I think cause I felt too restless. Went for breakie at coconut cause my hb loves to eat char koey teow. After Tat we went to try our luck to get the drum sticks or thigh from supa save. Luckily there were chicken thighs available so tonight's dinner will be chestnut chicken n double boil pork rib soup.

Had lunch at Laguna Dua in airport mall. Our initial plan was to go to the country patch in times square but there's no parking so we head to airport mall instead. Saw this quite decent restaurant so we decided to try. Apparently it serves Indonesian food. Well the decor of the restaurant is not bad. Especially love this light.

So we ordered somethings not so Indonesian. Butter prawns which does not look like our typical butter prawns in Brunei. It's actually fried with some tomato paste n butter.
*not the ordinary yellowish butter prawn tat's normally served*

Then we ordered Nasi goreng kampung, Penang koey teow n roti jala with chicken curry.

The Nasi goreng kampung is quite spicy because it's actually fried with anchovies and chilli. Not a bad combination. Next is the Penang koey teow. It's doesn't taste like it though. If i was going to compare this with authentic Penang koey teow then this is no where near. But I would think they shop actually should name it koey teow mamak instead because if it's koey teow mamak it actually taste surprisingly good.

Finally was the roti jala with very thick chicken curry. Edible nothing too special about it. I will really wanna try the deep fried sea bass when I go there next time.

Wats the best way to finish a meal? Of course with mochi yogurt. Yummy. I love the original flavor. I'm so stuffed now so I'm signing off to lullaby land before I start to cook my dinner. *yawn*


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