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Wednesday, February 01, 2012Y
~*2nd month of 2012*~

OMG. how time flies!! it's February already and nothing has been done in Jan except for the non-stop open houses during CNY which results in weight gain and terrible pimples & blemishes popping. guess the magic of the SK-2's facial treatment essence is wearing off! 3 more open houses to go before the CNY ends. the thought of the buffet trays on the tables gives me the chills d.

Wat a way to start the month of feb with sorethroat, well luckily there's still dequadin with me. pop few of them hoping that it will get better. Packets of nasi lemak are now sitting inside the pantry, with my growling stomach i donno how long i can resist the temptation of it. i guess a packet of nasi lemak won't harm my throat that much. i rather hav sorethroat than to be famished! still craving for rojak. wonder where i can get hold of a packet of rojak in the morning? does anyone even hav rojak as a breakfast...enough of weird cravings...nasi lemak here i come *nom nom*

muahz & hugz
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