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Monday, February 20, 2012Y
~*alarms alarms*~

wat a stressful morning i had! thought i can go slow on the monday cause of the monday blues. before i could even finish checking my emails, the critical, major and warning alarms flooding my screen like a christmas tree. wat wonderful sight of colors. i haven't even warm my seat and i had to rush to telhse to see wat the problem is and get the problem rectified. well, as if my day couldn't get any worst...the road to telhse was jammed like hell. and i could not even find a single parking there and to make things even worst, those cars parked on the single lane outside the building which was causing massive jammed while i was trying to turn into it. i had to illegally parked my car opposite the security's booth. totally forgot that there is some rehearsal going on in Bandar for the 28th National Day. But it's really weird tat they actually parked their car all the way in Telhse and had to walk the distance back to the 'padang'.

anywayz, the good thing is that the alarms are all cleared now and i thought i can hav a peaceful afternoon doing my reports... but NO...had 3 meetings starting from 2pm onwards. wat a way to start a week. *stress level...HIGH*

muahz & hugz
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