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Thursday, February 09, 2012Y
~*Amali's Cafeteria*~

Stumbled upon a few blogs saying that there's a new restaurant in town which was opened few months ago located beside Kitaro. I remember going to Kitaro but i don remember seeing a restaurant there. Decided to check out the restaurant there. True enough, there's really a restaurant beside Kitaro, located in a really cosy dark corner of centerpoint which is quite unnoticeable. I was shocked when i entered, i read tat it's really a small cosy place but i didn't expect it to be that small. it holds about 4 tables and can fit less than 20 people. We were abit hesitant to go in but then it's worth a try.

The appetizers looks interesting but we didn't order it though but opt for the pumpkin soup instead. i wanted something light so ordered the egg sandwich and my hb ordered nasi lemak. he's been craving for nasi lemak since last week.
*i'll give the green apple juice a thumbs up. unlike other restaurants which taste like one apple to ten parts of water, this one tastes 'pure'*

*i was expecting plain toasted bread. the simple egg sandwich tastes as good as it looks*

*the portion of the rice is abit too small for a guy's tummy but will be perfect for mine. the chicken is really crispy but overall it's not fantastic...average*

*the appearance of the soup is not tat appealing but then it taste okie. quite large portion too*

The dinner is really cheap, we only paid B$12 for all these. After dinner, my hb was still having the nasi lemak craving, sometimes it makes me wonder whether is he pregnant? *i wished*. so we went to 'Low San Flat' to get nasi lemak which costs 80cents! super cheap. love the sambal <3. tat's wat people always say no matter how bad the location of the place is, if the food is good, people will be able to hunt it down.
*don expect a drumstick k. it's jus 80cents!*


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