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Wednesday, February 15, 2012Y
~*Be my valentine*~

Don always associate V-day which is a day that needs to be spent with jus your lover. it's a day to share love amongst your loved ones i.e. family, close frens, etc. last year i remembered i bought valentine's day card for my dad as well and he was sugarfied. hehe. how men is so easy to please.

Chocolates and flowers are the most common things which will be given during this day. In japan, it's actually women who gives chocolates to the guy, and then wait for the guy to return a non-chocolate present to the woman the following month on March 14th which is known as the white day. Well in brunei it's a different story, ladies will have the privilege to be invited to a romantic candle-light dinner and on top of tat be showered with gifts and flowers on this day. guess staying in brunei is better as we do not hav to wait a month later for the guy to return the favor.
unlike last v-day, we had to go atrium because everywhere was booked, reason: my hb didn't book in advance thinking that brunei people won't celebrate v-day. so this year he is being smart d, he has booked spaghettini in advance to avoid disappointment.

well my hb had alot of surprises for me this year. received a huge bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped box of bakerlyn chocolate from my hb. the cute little thing about the bouquet is that it has got a bear bear...apparently the florist made a mistake with the bear cause it was supposed to be ME-to-YOU bear instead of a 'no-name' made in china bear. so we had to bring it back there to change later.
luckily this year i'm so smart, i've ordered Royce's chocolates for my hb too so i'll be waiting for my 'present' on March 14th...hahaha...i super duper love Royce' choco especially the Nutty Bar. I fell in love with the Nama and thought nothing in Royce' could be better than this. After trying Nutty Bar it was GREAT...drools.

Last nite's dinner at Spaghettini was great. The ambiance was excellent filled with lovely music and loving couples.

the setting of the table upon arrival...

the menu

the lovely thing about yesterday's menu is tat they offer different menu for 'his' and 'her' for starters, soup and main course. however, we both will share the same dessert. so well thought.
*our drinks*
his - love at first sight
her - three words

before we got our food, we started with the complimentary bread and their three dipping sauces. i forgot exactly what they were but i could only remember butter and one of them was made out of olives i think and i totally hav no idea wat the reddish-orangy one was. the buns were nice together with the butter. i super love empire's butter it's jus so buttery...heaven. okies we had this 'game' last nite which was guessing wat's wat in the dish. cause the names given were to flamboyant d.

*yummy buns*

*our amuse bouche*

*his appetizer*
quail ballontine
breaded stuffed olive, fig marmalade, saffron aloli
(i personally hate olives but i can't even taste the olives in this dish, i guess when olives are fried they taste so much nicer, the meat of the quail ballontine is quite hard but the quail egg - perfection. the fig marmalade *loves*, it would be better if they serve it with a piece of Brie Bruschetta)

*her appetizer*
cured salmon carpaccio,
lime peligrino sorbet, honey dill dressing

*his soup*
ginseng infused mushroom broth
baby lobster dumpling, vegetables brunoise
(my failed photo: needs to be rotated. who would have thought ginseng soup in an italian restaurant...)

asparagus cappuccino,
oyster custard, tong kui foam, basil crouton
(i personally hate foamy stuffs but this is great. love the oyster custard. on my first spoonful, i could taste the richness of the asparagus soup. couldn't really taste the 'tong kui' foam, apparently tong kui is actually a chinese herb which is good for women. very well presented)

*his main*
slow-cooked lamb leg
balsamic glaze, parmesan polenta, carrot zucchini tagliatelle
(another of my failed photo: all i can say is i'm so sorry mr lamb leg, you looked so much better. you were actually magnificent. one taste of the lamb, u can feel the aroma of the lamb all in your mouth boosting with flavors.)

*her main*
semi-steamed seabass,
spicy citrus reduction, almond gnocchi, brie espuma, mushroom ragout
(a very cunning combination of flavors and textures from the chef. the sea bass is excellent with the spicy citrus reduction and together with the almond gnocchi...great COMBI)

caramelized banana,
strawberry foam, chocolate truffle mango jelly, cherry and chocolate pudding, peppermint ice-cream, chocolate shavings
(our sweet dish featured a combination of different flavors. it was a delightful end to a nearly perfect dinner)

*chocolate truffle in a ring box*
(my phone jus can't capture the colorful brilliance of the chocolate truffle which was so well decorated)

me and my fork...of all utensils i guess i love using fork the most.

happy valentine's day everyone!!

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