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Tuesday, February 14, 2012Y
~*Bunker Bistro*~

Little does anyone know, but Bunker Bistro is actually open for the public. Located in a clubhouse in Empire Hotel & Country Club, Bunker Bistro is actually open for the public. The view from the bistro overlooks the Country Club's 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Gold Course as well as the South China Sea. Bunker Bistro offers a wide variety of food from comfort foods like pasta, salads and sandwiches to western cuisines as well as international ones like lamb pita and hainanese chicken rice.

had a quiet and nice lunch last week, as i was having sorethroat so i ordered a health drink to boost up my vitamins...somehow i think they serve the drinks in a bigger glass than in spaghettini or atrium but at the same price. ordered french onion soup, opt for comfort food so pasta it is and aged cheedar cheese 'meat' burger.

super love the bread and butter. the butter is super delicious. i can jus hav it as my meal.

watermelon+honeydew and my energy drink

penne cooked with wild mushroom and shaved cheese *thumbs up*

the juicy meat patty with bacon *thumbs up x 2*

french onion soup was not magnificent...drinkable

we didn't hav the tummy space to try the desserts though the desserts menu looks so appealing. will definitely leave some space to try it next time.

muahz & hugz
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