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Monday, February 06, 2012Y
~*Chap Goh Meh - from 'India' to 'Japan'*~

Today is the 15th day of the cny which means end of cny. Today is also known as the Chinese valentine's day. So those lovers who can't celebrate february 14th together then they should opt for this choice too. Since flowers will be way cheaper too. N best thing is restaurants won't be full too. Anyways, I purposely woke up early today so that I can hav breakfast with my parents at universal cafe. It's be quite sometime Tat I last been there. After breakfast, dad drove us down to kb temple to pray. Told you I come from a very cina family. Passed by supa save n it was quite empty d. Reason is because they will be renovating it n will be opening its doors to the public again sometime end of this year. So temporarily they moved to the harapan complex underneath the jade restaurant. We went to hav a look at the newly moved place. It's really small n looks more like a kedai runcit rather than a supa save. Luckily I can do my grocery shopping in bandar. Can't wait for the renovated supa save. Wonder wat new shops will be there. Came home after Tat n wait for lunch at 12. Hb picked us up to go kb again for the 2nd time for lunch. So here we go again to kb. Went to zaika n had my favorite prawn briyani n sheesh kebab. After satisfying my taste bud we went to grab desserts at the newly open branch of royce' chocolates in kb which is located opposite Prego Mauri. Love the mild Nama chocolate but I hav yet to try the champagne one which alot of frens recommended. It's really good Tat royce' decided to open another branch in kb so at least if u hav the craving for royce' u don hav to make an hour drive to bandar to get it. It's nice to be given as present too.
*lunch at Zaika*
After a good long nap it's time for dinner!! It wasn't surprising that kaizen is packed because there's both scb n Baiduri cards promotion giving out 30% n 38% discounts respectively. Dinner was filling!! It's 11 plus n I'm still so full. So it's time for me to sleep again. A long weekend is spent by spending quality time with my family, eating n sleeping. Sweet dreams.


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