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Thursday, February 02, 2012Y
~*Chinese New Year 2012*~

In less than 5 days time, chinese new year for 2012 is coming to an end. however, there are people saying that this saturday (4th February) is the 'actual' CNY. not sure how true is this. my mother in law told me that it's good to bring the pillows and duvet out to let the sun shine it first thing on sunday morning. it was said to bring 'good chi'. well it's chinese superstitious again. better to believe than not to.

i haven't been celebrating cny in brunei for at least 8 years. have been spending it in penang with my grandpa. since this is the first year of marriage, there's no escape for me this year. hav to show face infront of the relatives to let them know about my existence first. the most vital thing that needs to be done before cny is to get my nails done. eventhough i've booked my manicurist, Mayeth (Rozad Saloon) about a month ago, my booking have to be scheduled to a week before cny and she has only 2 hours with me. this shows how famous is she. i'll learn my lesson and book three months in advance next year so i can get a better slot.

*tai tai feeling*

*the CNY nails*

drove back to seria for the dinner on the eve of cny. this year, my mil ordered the food from Jolene Restaurant in KB. didn't hav time to take picture of the food cause was busy gulping the food and the home-made fish maw soup *yumzzz*. after the dinner we had this 'meeting' which was proposed by my mil titled 'plans for 2012 and how to execute it'. find it rather funny because normally in penang after the dinner we will hit for the tv and hav never had discussions like this before with my family. so every member of the family had their turn and it was my turn to tell them my plan. i was like 'OH NO. my plan was going to Japan and Dubai and getting more shopping done' but this is jus not such a good plan to say out. so i stuck with the 'i wan a dragon baby'. well i guess everyone was pleased with my answer for the night. *phew*then it was tv time till 11.50pm where sounds of firecrackers and fireworks blasted the sky. *welcome to the year of the black water dragon* (sounds like a movie: black water dragon).

woke up super duper early at 7ish so that i hav time to doll up myself before my hubby wakes up.
*the only picture i took of us on 1st day of CNY*
the whole day was spent giving angpows, talking to relatives whom 90% i don even know of and welcoming the lion. skipped all my frens' open houses cause the relatives keep coming so it's not that nice to leave the house.
My parents in law will be having vegetarian meals every 1st and 15th day of the chinese calendar. this means...all of us hav to be vegetarians for the whole day. i hav nothing against it but i'm jus not a vegetarian person. so meals for the 1st day wasn't that great. drove back to bandar the next day to visit the relatives in bandar. spent the whole day traveling from subok to kiarong to jangsak. finally settled for dinner at Kaizen, Waterfront. i've always love Kaizen. i personally think Kaizen serves the best Japanese food in Brunei. saw this brochure which says that there will be 38% discount on the 'chap goh meh' in any kaizen outlet. me being so kiasu called kaizen straight after dinner to book for both lunch and dinner on 6th February because i am not sure whether when will our parents be free so it's better to get both the time reserved than to it to be fully booked. It was tat night that i knew there's actually an underpass in bandar which joins Yayasan basement to Kaizen's building. the underpass was actually quite eerie though with smells of urine. but it was brightly lit. will not suggest to be walked alone at nite, though they hav security camera there but it looks pretty scary.

had to start work on 3rd day of CNY, it's not that bad because everyone was still in CNY mood. went to rimba to visit my relatives at nite. miss all my nephews and nieces. stayed there till quite late as it was raining really heavily. i guess it's the power of the black water dragon. it was raining on the first day of CNY as well. CNY is always packed with open houses which is great so you can meet up with frens whom u hav lost contact for nearly a year. We had our open house on saturday from 11am to 3pm and 5.30pm to 9pm. it was so tiring. i think it's even more tiring than when we had our wedding banquet. having open houses almost everyday and still queuing till 14th day of CNY. luckily monday is a public holiday so we can have longer weekend in seria to spend with both our families. in the meantime...continuation of my open houses tonight...

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