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Wednesday, February 22, 2012Y
~*cottage grills*~

Located on the 1st storey right above the Sweet n Savory Restaurant in Mata-Mata, this restaurant serves salads, soups, burgers and of course grilled meats.

It's not the first time we've been there but it's the first time we tried the burger there. Me and my hb both ordered burgers, chicken burger and 'meat' burger. obviously, i took the 'meat' burger and hence the replacement of name of the burger. yes, i'm always in denial when it comes to eat the 'meat'. i didn't wanna order chicken burger because it doesn't always taste as nice as the 'meat' burger but i was wrong this time. besides burger i tried the cream of carrot and onion soup. it's edible but not something great to shout about.

here comes the burger...the chicken burger was really juicy as commented by my hb. it's actually quite surprised that chicken burger can taste this good. the chicken is so juicy, the juice jus oozed out with every bite my hb makes. and the best thing about the chicken burger is tat it comes with a sunny side up as well inside the burger. when my 'meat' burger arrived, i was abit disappointed cause mine doesn't hav egg and jus a piece of 'meat' patty. but when i gave it the first bite. OMG. the combination of the 'meat' patty and the caramelized onions is such a good combo. the 'meat' patty is so thick, tender and juicy, by jus typing this sentence makes me so hungry d. the french fries are nicely done too, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

*look at the egg peeking out*peek- a - boo*

*my 'meat' patty burger*

*look at the thick 'meat' patty*

yay! tomorrow is Brunei's 28th National Day which means tomorrow will be HOLIDAY. There's so much tat could happen in 28 years, how Brunei has prosper and how it still can remain such a peaceful country to live in. it's really easy to remind myself how old am i. sometimes i jus love to be in denial thinking tat i'm still maybe 25. but Brunei's independence day will somewat remind me. wat good way to celebrate the independence day than to hav a party tonight. initially our plan was to hav dinner with my parents at the airport cause they are having the 'national day' buffet. however plans changed, so we are gonna be having pot luck tonight at a colleague's crib. yes i know the definition of pot luck is tat we hav to cook something ourselves to bring but then me being lazy as always would rather jus opt for something easier 'TAPAU'. the dinner is at 7.30 how can someone hav time to shower, wash hair and cook within the short period of 2 hours. mission impossible. *inserts music*and not like i hav a maid to help me prepare and cook *hopes my hb reads this sentence*. hence...KAIZEN it is.

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