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Wednesday, February 29, 2012Y
~*Does anyone still remember about Friendster*~

i know friendster is a long gone thing, a website of the pass century or so. but i'm sure many of u used to be so addicted to friendster way before there was even facebook. frens will be busy writing testimonials for you and you will be so busy doing the same too. uploading pictures,shout outs, messages, forums and writing testimonials was an IN thing in tat 2002 era. one good thing about friendster is that you can actually customize the profile page. i remember spending so much time decorating the page. an interesting function which friendster has and facebook doesn't is the ability to know who viewed your profile. however, we were the major contribution to the decline of friendster and the rise of a new social networking website...facebook.
ever wonder wat has friendster become? when was the last time u've ever logged into ur friendster account? well, i was being so bored so i was thinking why not give friendster a visit. wow was i surprised. i thought i went to the wrong site. the boring grey wordings of friendster on the white background is no longer there. though i can still login with my username and password but the friendster is no longer a social website...more like a social gaming website. the testimonials, pictures and everything in the friendster account was deleted, all except the name and the basic personal information were retained.
i got so startled, i had to go to wikipedia to confirm about this...in fact it's really true. last june 2011, friendster has changed from a social networking site to a social gaming site. but i still prefer facebook...


muahz & hugz
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