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Saturday, February 25, 2012Y
~*down memory lane*~

I think it's good to take a trip down memory lane to honor the tv icons which i once enjoyed. When i was young my parents never bought any video game console for me cause they say it's not good for me thus my only resource of entertainment beside my toys is the TV. My greatest companion. i only watch a handful of cartoons and the rest of the tv shows were mostly very educational. i know there are alot that i've watched before that might be missing from the list. Oh well...age is catching up and i hav the excuse for not remembering every single one of these tv shows. Without further ado, lets start off with:

1) The Elephant Show
the first song tat came to my mind. i can even still sing it now. it's like embedded inside my head d. maybe it's the effect of listening it for years.
Skinnamarinkydinkydink. skinnamarinkydoo. i love you!
Skinnamarinkydinkydink. skinnamarinkydoo. i love you!
I love you in the morning and in the afternoon
i love you in the evening underneath the moon
Skinnamarinkydinkydink. skinnamarinkydoo i love you!

this tv show is actually about an elephant living with a guy and two ladies. now come to think of it. they nvr actually mentioned how come this guy is actually staying with two ladies. and i nvr questioned it when i was young.

2) Lamb Chop's Play-A-Long

This is the song that never ends,
it goes on and on my frens,
some people started singing it not knowing wat it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever jus because,
(then repeat back at top)

seriously, the only recollection of this tv show is the song and the talking lamb and the donkey. this is a super catchy song, you can get this song stuck in ur head for hours. can't even remember wat the whole tv show is about.

3) Jem
jus gonna copy the whole plot from wikipedia because it's jus so hard describing this cartoon:
"The series revolves around Jem the mysterious lead singer and front-woman of the rock group "Jem and the Holograms". She is also Jerrica Benton, owner/manager of Starlight Music. Jerrica adopts this persona with the help of a holographic computer, known as Synergy, which was built by Jerrica's father to be "the ultimate audio-visual entertainment synthesizer" and is bequeathed to her after his death. Jerrica is able to command Synergy to project "the Jem hologram" over herself by means of the remote micro-projectors in her earrings, thus disguising her features and clothing enabling her to assume the Jem persona. While disguised as Jem, Jerrica is able to move freely without restrictions and on several occasions other people have been in direct physical contact with her without disrupting the holographic projection. Jem, through the use of her earrings, is also able to project holograms around her and uses this ability throughout the series to avoid danger and provide special effects for the performances of her group."
Jem is excitement!
Oouu Jem...
Jem is adventure!
Glamour and glitter,
Fashion and fame!

Jem is truly outrageous
Truly, truly, truly outrageous
Woo ooo Jem...
the music's contagious (outrageous)

Jem is my name
No one else is the same
Jem is my name

But we're the misfits
Our songs are bitter
We are the misfits (the misfits)
and we're gunna get her

(Repeat everything, then below...)

But we're the misfits
Our songs are bitter
We are the misfits (the misfits)
and we're gunna get her

Jem (Jem)
The music's contagious (outrageous)
Jem is my name
No one else is the same
Jem is my name
As to why i like this cartoon is because jem's hair is pink. i've always wanted pink hair like 'xiaxue's' one. and how the girl can actually turn from one person into another by jus touching her earrings. cool. how i wish i can hav tat pair of earrings too. having two personality and living two different life is jus great.

4) Sesame Street
Which child born in 80's will not know wat Sesame Street is? i guess the only question tat appears in our minds will be where exactly is this street? it's not even in the google map. well i really hav to thank sesame street for teaching me my alphabets and numbers. according to my mum, she nvr taught me any alphabets and i learnt them all from tv. i stil hav a collection of tapes of sesame street stored in the store room. wonder if it still works.

big bird, oscar, count, barkley, etc. one which my mum always describe me is snuffleupagus because she says i look like him with my falsies! hmpf! snuffy is cute anyways, so i didn't comment further about it. hehe.
5) Beakman World
The wacky professor who works with a lab rat and a bimbotic girl to perform comical experiments in response to viewer mail. Those experiments are so easily done tat it can be done at home too. though i've always wanted to try those experiments but nvr actually had a chance to. i remembered there's this experiment about adding vinegar to the uncooked egg and how when u peel the egg shell of, the egg will still remain in place. forgot how it's done d maybe i should google it one day and try it.
Mr Beckman will also appear in alot of historic figures like Einstein, Goddard and Edison to explain 'their' remarkable inventions.

6) Richie Rich
who doesn't wanna be a rich kid like richie rich who can hav cool gadgets to share with his frens and a cute dog call 'dollar'. this cartoon is so nice they even decided to make a movie outta it staring Macaulay Culkin. the cartoon is of course better because the story is more extravagant.
But sometimes it makes me wonder too, if he is so rich why is he pairing up a tuxedo with a pair of shorts, isn't it supposed to be at least decently dressed. haha. *fashion crisis here*

7) Little Lulu
Little Lulu, Little Lulu with freckles on her chin
always in and out of trouble but mostly always in
Using daddy's necktie for the tail your kite
Using mommy's lipstick for the letters you write
though the clock says 7:30 it's really after 10
Looks like Lulu's been repairing it again.
Though you're wild as any zulu and just as hard to tame
Little Lulu I love you-lu just the same, the same
Little Lulu I love you-lu just the same.
A very relaxing cartoon to watch. it's similar to the dennis the menace but girl version. look how cheerful little lulu is with her curly black hair.

8) Bill-Nye: The Science Guy
Bill-Nye the Science Guy is actually quite similar to Beckman's World minus the 'lab rat' and is less humorous. dressed in a blue lab coat and a red bow-tie, he is able to explain how stuff works in the fun way. and do you know there's still an existing website for Bill Nye which is www.billnye.com. i didn't even know tat he still continues filming scientific episodes till now.

9)My little pony
i really can't remember wat's the storyline of my little pony, all i knew was tat i loved watching it when i was young cause those ponies are jus so cute and so colorful and of course there's rainbows. and most of them are pink!

10) Captain Planet
5 kids from 5 different continent brought together to save the world...how cool can tat concept me. teaching kids the dangers of pollution and how to save the planet from all toxics as well as the important of recycling.

Now i jus realised Phil Collins is the one singing this song. lol. after so many years.


With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!

Captain Planet, he's our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
He's our powers magnified,
And he's fighting on the planet side

Captain Planet, he's our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
Gonna help him put us under,
Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

"You'll pay for this Captain Planet!"

We're the planeteers,
You can be one too!
'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Planet has to say:


11) Fun House
i still remember the time it's shown on RTB, it's around 5 plus and it lasts for an hour. When i was young i really wanna participate it in. it's really fun with all the fun-filled obstacles and the questions whereby the contestants have to answer to gain points and time. oh well, it's been years since i last saw it so i guess if i really hav the chance to watch it again, the 'feel' won't be the same d.

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