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Monday, February 27, 2012Y
~*I'm trapped within my own ozone layer*~

Over the weekend I was wrapping 'wantan' cause of my flu. It started with sorethroat on Friday afternoon n then the flu came. I thought by today I'll be fine but unfortunately I was hit by another combo. The fever. Usually all this comes in a package. The sorethroat. The flu. The fever. Tats why I was so afraid Tat I would get fever last weekend n will not be able to attend my fren's wedding proposal. Well it's actually quite lucky Tat I got the fever today then.

Jus felt so feverish as though I've been trapped within the ozone layer whereby no heat can penetrate passed the 'ozone' layer. I thought after a good sleep I'll be fine but I was shivering when I was sleeping at a low cool aircon room. Not a good sign. My so-dedicated hb brought me to see the doc n found out I was having a fever at 38.2 degrees. I'm not sure is this high or low. All I know is I don feel well at all. Elders hav always said that it's good to sweat the fever off while others will say that it's good to take a warm shower to cool the body temperature. well i did both..showered and then now not switching on the aircon and having a sauna session in the living room. So now after eating medi I'm as dead as a log lying on the sofa with everything within my reach like the Astro remote controller, my water bottle n of course my phone!

Speaking of which i haven't decided which astro plan should i change it too because last week astro launched new plans for the subscribers. kinda confusing to understand as well. but first thing first, we need to get the normal astro decoder changed to the astro beyond at B$100. quite a good deal at least we can watch HD channels.
i was rather confused myself too when looking at the new plans. so the simplest thing is to list down all the channels tat you usually watch and then pick the right one. to be honest, i seldom watch news too, the news channel is there jus for decoration. i'm mostly hooked to channels like AXN, TLC, AFC, Wah lai toi so the jade package is the most suitable for me. don be greedy and choose the most expensive package knowing u will only be clicking on a few of them.

muahz & hugz
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