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Sunday, February 26, 2012Y
~*Jati Transport: 25th anniversary celebration*~

Received the invitations for the Jati Transport 25th anniversary celebration sometime a fortnite ago. So all of us decided to tag along to see how the celebration was like.
Didn't know Jati transport has been selling Mercedes Benz for a quarter of a century. Jati transport has always been having one of the nicest car showroom in Brunei. However, jus recently they had a revamp of their showroom to provide a better ambiance for their customers. Mercedez has always been my favorite car brand since young which I guess it's an influence from my dad. He always tells me Wat car is good Wat cars r nice. N Merc is one of his preferred brands because it's stability at road n it's very comfortable for both the driver n passengers. Though it doesn't hav so much fancy technologies like Japanese cars.

One really important thing about buying a car is the servicing because buying a car and servicing are actually two very different aspects. Buying a car is a one off thing while servicing you will hav to do it regularly. Jati transport is able to provide top servicing experience for the users. Whenever I go service my car I jus give them a ring n they will ask whether I need a car for me to drive back to office if so they will normally get a car ready for me to use while my car is being serviced. It's so convenient for the drivers. Every spare parts changed or every procedure Tats being done to the car is well documented into the computer. Unlike other well-known service centers in Brunei whereby their documentation is jus so bad. This is a personal experience, my hb brought his car for servicing n another different mechanic approached him n the mechanic looks so blur Tat they don even know Wat the previous mechanic did to the car n there are countless times which they couldn't get the car ready on time. So it's really frustrating to get such a crappy service. Well the name of the workshop shall not be mentioned.

Usually I don go to openings like these but I was hoping to see the love of my life there. My slk. Well we headed to phong Mun to hav our brunch first because we all don like to go to buffets which r so crowded. Upon arrival it was so crowded as expected. Their buffet line was expectedly crowded. They had chefs from Radisson, villa Mauri, Excapade, etc over to cook on the spot for the guests.
But under the scorching hot sun I'll rather opt for the indoor show room where the love of my life was displayed. The slk 55! With v8 engine. Isn't it such a handsome guy? As compared to slk 55, slk 200 only has a v6 engine but they both look kinda similar on the exterior. *punctures dream cloud* i'll jus hav to stick with my baby-c for a moment.

there were rows of other Merc cars displayed outside around the showroom like the ml, c, and the e class. Any purchase of any Merc will be entitled to win the slk 350 which will be drawn at the end of the year. How cool is Tat?

*the 'exclusive' gift bag that was given to the customers*


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