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Friday, February 10, 2012Y
~*Journey 2??*~

Initially i was wondering what movie is this Journey 2 cause i don remember watching a movie called Journey. Then my hb said maybe it might be the sequel to 'Journey to the center of the earth', then i was like impossible cause why don they name it 'Journey to the center of the earth 2' instead. Very well enough it's a journey NOT to the center of the earth this time but to the mysterious island. Well this island is a place of strange life forms (watever animal is big becomes small and vice versa) so lizards, butterflies, flowers and horrifically SPIDERS became gigantically huge on the mysterious island. The best part is that the deadly volcanoes erupt GOLD.

There are alot of whys and how comes in the whole movie:
1) Is it true tat spiders always build their webs facing south?
2) how come the bees will obediently let the humans ride on them?
3) why all the maps from the three different books i.e. Mysterious Island, Treasure Island and Gulliver's Travel all are of the same size and could be combined together perfectly to form the coordinates of the location of the Mysterious Island?
*scratch head*
to conclude, it's a good family movie and if you wanna jus sit back and relax then this is a good movie to watch.


muahz & hugz
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