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Sunday, February 12, 2012Y
~*Korea trip*~

Our initial plan was to go japan for our honeymoon but then we will need to wait till march before we can go japan as I wanna see the Sakura. Left with little choice we decided to go Korea instead. Signed up for the tour with Halim tours. So it's a pre honeymoon instead.
There were actually two departure dates; 9/12/2011 or 16/12/2011. We opt for the 9th instead because it was our anniversary. There's no direct flight to korea thus we had to transit in Singapore. First stop upon arrival in Singapore was to go to our favorite restaurant...the soup restaurant which is located at the departure hall in terminal 2. Ordered the infamous 'Sam Sui chicken', 'minced meat with chestnut' and their double boiled soup of the day. Our flight is quite late so we had 4 hours to kill in Singapore. It's not a hard thing if it's changi. Shopping it is! Changi had this promotion.. Purchase $120 by visa n we r entitled to get the angry bird plushies. So we bought a camera n thought that we can get at least 3 angry birds but apparently it's single receipt over $120 n not accumulated. Thus we only got one. There's the red n white one left but we opt for the red one instead as it's the main one. And yes I brought the angry bird all the way to Korea n back. Boarded the plane n slept all the way till we reached Seoul the next morning.
Day 1
Wat surprised me was the snow! It was snowing. I was greeted by the morning snow. It's so lovely.

First stop of the tour was our brunch. The restaurant doesn't look great but the fried rice with cabbage is quite yummy.
*stir stir**fry fry*

After brunch we proceed to our first venue which is the Nami Island. This island is famous because of the movie winter sonata. I've never watched this series before. Was hoping they could bring me to the school where the Boys over flower was shot instead. There's nothing interesting on Tat island besides perfectly lined up trees and the super duper cold wind. Our next destination is about two hours away so nap it is. I got startled n woke up because my face hit the freezing cold window of the bus. When I woke up I was like...WOW! Where am I?!

Everywhere was covered with at least 3 feet of snow! The last time i hav seen snow was in Beijing but it's not as thick. We had to get off the bus n visit some streets selling seafood. It's pretty much a long stretch of road with small stalls selling seafood n they will help you cook it immediately. Luckily it was winter time when we visited cause I bet it will stink so much during hot weather with flies buzzing around. Both of us hav really weak stomachs so we don wanna spoil our trip sitting inside the toilet thus we didn't even touch any of the seafood despite the fact that it smells so nice.
Was so hungry. We had dinner at some secluded place in foot of mt sorak. We were served steamboat for dinner which is great cause we were all freezing d.
After dinner we checked into the hotel which the name I couldn't recall.

The room was not wat I expected. Upon walking into the room the bedroom is located on raised wooden floors n there no chairs luckily there's still a decent bed. Showering is almost impossible because it was freakingly cold. My hb n I had to use two thick duvets to warm ourself.
After showering I zoomed to the bed n tucked myself underneath the thick sheets. I had to gather enough courage to dash out of bed to go *wee wee*.
Day 2
Woke up with the nice piece of scenery. It's really breathtaking.
After being equipped with the necessary clothing to face the cold weather we had breakfast n prepare to go up to mt sorak. We had to use the cable car to get up there. The view is great. N wat makes it better was the song playing in the cable way which was 'I'll never break your heart' by backstreet boys. For those 80s baby I'm sure u will know the video clip for Tat was shot in the winter as well. Okies I'm being random here.
Back to mt sorak... We had to walk along the thick snow paths to get a better view from the mountain. It's a good thing I've got heels so at least I can grip the snow with u. A few people slid down as they walked back to the cable car.
*our tour guide*

*my miniaturized 'snowboy'*

The sceneries of semi frozen rivers looks lovely.

the bronze buddha
It's lunch again n it's steamboat again.

It's good Tat I'm a fan of steamboat but my hb is getting bored of it d. After lunch we had to take a 2.5 hours ride to a holiday resort where theres an indoor water park which is called aqua world water park & spa at the Daemyung Resort. We didn't join the rest of the tour mates because we didn't wanna get wet in the freezing cold weather so we went to play pool and hav our own high tea instead. This time our hotel room is slightly better than the previous one but then we had to sleep on the floor; tatami style.

*our tea time*
*hb busy nomming*
Dinner for Tat nite was steamboat with mushroom. Yes it's steamboat again. It wasn't great because the soup is quite plain n quite tasteless. Went back to the hotel quite early n had nothing to do because there's no wifi n nothing. So I spent my sweet time curling my hair while my hb happily playing with his games on the iPhone.
Day 3
Went to visit the studio where the series 'daejanggeum' was shot. I hav nvr watched the series before. I know it's really famous at Tat time but I prefer seeing cute guys in the series rather than some old fashioned Korean dynasty drama. So the place did not fascinate me at all. Next stop was the kimchi making where we can try to make our own kimchi. Its really easy to make. But there's alot of ingredients Tat is added to it.

After kimchi making we were given an opportunity to try the hanbok. It's really light because it's not actually the full set of hanbok.
Lunch is served at a BBQ restaurant. I must say it's the best lunch for the whole trip. The meat is jus so tender n juicy n super duper nice. Drools. I'm still missing the BBQ lunch there.
Everland here I come! Hav always anticipate to know how does Everland looks like. Although I still prefer to go Disney or puroland instead. The best thing about overland is Tat upon entering the main entrance there's wifi access!! I can finally check my Facebook, instagram n my whatsapp msgs!! I know I sounded desperate but then jus imagine more than a day without Internet. It seems like I've lost connectivity from the rest of the world. Btw I'm not the only desperate one. The other tourmates were all doing the same as well. Most of us didn't wan to leave the entrance of the everland but we had to.
the place where i spent the longest time...best signal for the wifi :p

unknown cute mascots

'yogi' bear. this bear can dance, and walk on its two feet for quite a long time.
liger: the baby of tiger and lion. cool.
There's nothing too special about everland. I've nvr seen the cartoon characters before and the souvenir shops are selling almost similar things. We had to spend about five hours there so it's actually getting quite boring in there as we r not really fans of those dangerous rides. So me n my hb jus strolled around the park till nite falls n head for dinner.
this cool 'pager' pages you when the food is ready *suaku mode: ON*
*looks like value meal from sugar bun*
After dinner we head to another hotel to rest for the nite. The quality of the hotel jus gets better. This time they hav Internet there! I'm alive!
Day 4
The day which everyone has been looking forward to.. Skiing! I've always thought skiing is really easy it's jus like rollerblading but I'm so wrong. Firstly the gears r not light!! The shoes r so heavy n when you fall down it's so hard to get back up! We went to the beginners slope which is jus an inclination of about 5 degrees but then I can zoom down the slope non stop. No matter wat method I've used it basically impossible to stop or slow down the speed. The feeling is jus like being rushed away by a fast moving current. So I had to force myself to fall inorder to stop. Then had to carry my gears back up the slope to try again. After second try I jus gave up cause it's really using up all my energy. I jus wanted to get the heavy gears off me n head for lunch. So me n my tourmate grace went off n return everything n sat down waiting for the rest to hav the most scrumptious lunch for the whole tour. We had international buffet. There r alot of choices like baked abalone, fresh salmon sashimi, oysters n all but I still prefer the buffet I had in Shenzhen during my training way back in 2009.
Shopping time at a dong dae Mun. Didn't buy much there because there's some communication problem. They don understand wat I wan n I don understand wat they hav.
some cuttlefish legs grilled with butter *yummy*

So it's all finger pointing and calculator showing. After shopping we went to watch this famous Korean play about four chefs. I think its call the 'nanta show'. It's something similar to JUMP which was presented in Brunei about a year ago. Menu for dinner was ginseng chicken. The ginseng chicken wasn't as nice as expected but still edible.
Our tour guide, Amy was so nice. She bought us both a cake to commemorate our honeymoon. So nice of her.
Strawberries were sold near the restaurants. The strawberries are so sweet and juicy.

After dinner we check into Marriots with times square jus right beside it n louis vuitton at the ground floor of the hotel. The quality of hotel in our Korea tour really went from worst to great.

Day 5
Today's itinerary is most shopping. First it was shopping for ginseng, then seaweeds then next was cosmetics. After lunch we proceed to the Gyeongbok palace and the national folklore museum. We also passed by the blue house where the president stays. I wonder which country has pink house instead of blue or white houses. *random*
kiss this
adore this
afraid of this
*our ATM*
*our pink bus*

The tour guide told us not to hav high hopes on the palace. Indeed the palace is so different from the forbidden palace in china. The palace in Korea is so small and most of the places in the palace were no tiled. It wasn't majestic at all. Our last dinner in Korea was bibimbap.

It's such a simply dish but it jus so nicely cook in Korea. The ones in Brunei are of no match. I think it's because of the chili sauce Tat they use. Went back to hotel n did some final shopping at times square n started packing in preparation for our journey back to Singapore.
Day 6
had to wake up at 4am (3am Brunei time) to start our journey to the airport. However, they stopped by some random shop to get our breakfast. it's some udon soup which i donno how it taste like cause my taste bud wasn't workable at tat time.
*tour guides & tour mate & me*

*bye korea, we shall see u soon *

Thus the end of our Korea tour n it was indeed a very enjoyable one with a bunch of great tourmates whom we all still keep contact with. :)

*note: forgot to mention about the angry birds...yes, i manage to get more angry birds in singapore. but i'm still missing the white one (which i didn't get when i saw it) and the blue one. ended up with two red ones (one missing from the pic), a green pig, yellow one and the black one.

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