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Wednesday, February 29, 2012Y
~*March: a photo-a day*~

It will be March tomorrow. how time flies...my favourite month of the year *winkz*. jus realised that it's February 29th today. so means a leap year which happens once every 4 years. i really think that 'leaplings' are really lucky to hav their birthday fall on feb 29...which means they are always a quarter of their real age. how cool is tat...#foreveryoung. hehe.

I'm gonna be joining one of the instagram campaign organized by @fatmumslim which is the march photo-a-day. Whereby I'll hav to take a picture according to the theme of the day. Sounds like fun. Guess I'll be busy snapping pictures around me. add me on instagram, @w3inni3, so i can see what pics hav u all come up with. let's snap snap together. :)

my bff, chu chu, nvr fail to amaze me with her outrageous things. today she brought a big pot of cactus to the office in which she claims that it will help to 'absorb' the radiation from the computer. so to prove her theory wrong, i actually googled this:
'Let’s take this myth to the next level and assume the worst case scenario: your computer monitor is built of Cobalt-60, a gram of which would kill you after a one month exposure, and the cactus on your desk has the radiation absorption properties of a block of lead. Unless you placed the cactus completely between you and the computer you would get no benefit whatsoever! There’s no way to “attract” the radiation towards the cactus. Radiation goes out in all directions until it is absorbed or reflected by something. You can’t even bend light with a strong magnetic field. Your best bet is to bend space-time.'
Conclusion: myth proven wrong.

muahz & hugz
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