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Wednesday, February 01, 2012Y
~*my idol*~

this post is dedicated to my idol, none other than *nicholas tse*. i still feel like as though i am still 16 years old fantasizing about an idol. oh well...young at heart k. back to my idol, when i first saw him on tv, i was like 'okies, so there's a newbie entering the entertainment world and brought to popularity because of his dad patrick tse (who is a heartrob during his era)'. so nothing special about this guy except for his looks. i remember so clearly one fine night when was still wrapping my christmas present back in 1998, suddenly (*deng deng deng* being dramatic here) i heard this really nice song from the movie Metade Fumaca which is being sung by nicholas. i totally changed my views on him. bought his very first cd 'Most Wanted'. and started collecting and hunting for this cds ever since. To date, i think i've got about 13 of his original cds.

i've got over the 'idol' thingy for quite a number of years till i stumbled upon the 'Jay Chou concert' with nicholas as the guest singer. His guitar skills and the 'jay chou' song that he sang was great. Mad love him now. i can't wait for him to host his concert again. no matter which part of the world it's gonna be held, i'll make sure i WILL be there screaming his name and singing to all his songs. i guess it jus unleashed the 16 year old little girl in me. been idolizing him since i was 14 years old, way before i even hav my first bf.
look at him!! OMG. his smile *faints*

muahz & hugz
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