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Saturday, February 18, 2012Y
~*my usual Saturday mornings in Seria*~

Usually when i hear sounds of the gates opening n the engines from forklifts n I'll know it's 7.45 cause Tats when the business starts. On days which I'm so tired I'll switch my hearing mode to off then continue oozing all the way. But since I wanna be a filial daughter so I woke up earlier so Tat I can hav breakfast with my dad at my favorite breakfast place, universal cafe. Actually the partial truth is Tat I really miss the French toast there so it's a must eat this weekend. Universal cafe is unlike other cafes on Seria. The main menu Tats served are eggs (half boiled, 3/4 boiled, hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, etc) and bread (egg sandwich, cheese sandwich, kahwin, butter toast, French toast with or without cheese,etc). U will be surprised on how good the business of the cafe is jus by selling these basic things. It's not easy to make these basic foodstuffs so delicious. Jus take a look at my breakfast this morning. It's jus 3/4 boiled egg, French toast with cheese n a cup of Milo. The egg is perfectly done to 3/4 cooked.

I've been to quite a few cafes n ordered this n they never did it the right way, it's either too soft or too hard. Next, the famous French toast. Unlike the normal French toast which is jus dipping the bread into the egg batter and fry it, universal cafe did it their way. The bread is wrapped with a thin layer of golden brown fried egg n you can hav a choice to hav it with cheese or without. I personally love it with cheese n to be dipped with sugar. Double thumbs up. The cheese jus oozes out from the bread *mad love*

look at how the cheese waiting impatiently to be oozed out in your mouth

Once breakfast is settled, I'll follow my dad to run his daily errands so I can spend time talking to him. Next stop before lunch will be the roasted duck!! Yummy! Located in the hawker stall opposite zaika, kb. They sell one of the best roasted duck in Brunei. These roasted ducks need to be preordered because it's sold out so quickly so normally dad will order 2 ducks for me to eat cause I usually can finish half a duck before lunch.

two ducks all divided into four boxes

super juicy duck meat *duckgasm*

Dinner tonight was at Jolene restaurant in kb. I wanna eat the sizzling deer meat fried with Ginger. I love the deer meat there. It's jus so tender. I haven't had it for over a year because it was advised by the fengshui master Tat for my zodiac we r not supposed to eat deer meat for the whole of the rabbit year. I Donno the reason but it's better to listen. Thus I hav to tolerate the temptation of the tender succulent deer meat whenever I go there for dinner. So now i'm lazing on the sofa feeling so contented after a satisfying dinner n relaxing...calling it a day.

the tender succulent deer meat...

muahz & hugz
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