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Sunday, February 05, 2012Y

I come from a very traditional Chinese family whereby we pray at almost all Chinese festivals like chinese new year, cheng meng, and every 1st n 15th day of the Chinese month. Even during my wedding I had to go to the temple to exchange rings. Today is the 14th day of Chinese new year and we had to pray our ancestors. My mum only cooks once in a blue moon n this is one of the occasion where she has to cook. Wat r the main dishes needed to pray our ancestors? Fish maw soup, roasted pork n chicken, Chinese lettuce, spring rolls, braised mushroom and of course tea and rice. These are all hokkien dishes. I was actually anticipating to go to zaika for lunch cause I super missed the sheesh kebab there n the prawn briyani. They should really hav zaika in bandar. Really wondered why the one in yayasan was closed n transferred to kb instead. Zaika's north Indian food is simply delicious. Prefer it to Le taj. Signing off now. Lunch time...

muahz & hugz
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