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Thursday, February 16, 2012Y
~*teddy bears*~

i really love teddy bears. i'm sure most girls will love teddy bears too. they are so adorable and so fluffy and will always be ur best companion which doesn't complain. i have other unknown brand teddy bears which i bought them jus cause they are cute. However, there are 4 brands of teddy bears which i love most:
1) Forever Friends
Although i super love forever friends but i do not own any forever friends teddy bear. kinda weird but then i've got forever friends wall paper on both my pc and laptop. My old phones used to hav the forever friends theme too. i usually buy their gift wrappers, mug and photo albums.
*the picture i used as wallpaper for my office desktop*
2) Me to You
The story of Me to You bear which i copied off the internet~
The oldest, smallest house you can imagine was about to be knocked down. All the things that once made the house nice and cozy had been thrown outside and piled up in the front garden from the soft springy be the owners slept in, to the old wooden floorbards they used to walk on, and even, surely, by some mistake, a little brown teddy bear. He was trapped amongst all the other unwanted things, and couldn't move. then one day, a very cold day, something fell from the sky a little snowflake, it landed on the teddy bear's little nose and then was followed by many more. He began to get cold, very cold indeed. More and more snow fell, heavier and heavier. The little bear was now so cold that his nose started turning blue. so cold that his brown fur started turning grey. He was cold, unloved and all alone in the world, and felt very, very sad. Winter finally passed and the weather got warmer.
One beautiful spring day, a little girl was playing near the old house, when she spotted the grey bear in the pile of unwanted things. He was like no other bear she had ever seen and she pulled him out from where he was trapped. she dusted him down and lifted him high in the sky to look at him "a grey teddy bear...with a blue nose?" she thought. "how strange!" The teddy bear wanted to cry. He thought she didn't like him and would throw him back with the other unwanted things. "but he's lovely!" she continued and she fell completely in love with him. She ran home as fast as her little legs would carry her, to see if he grandma could patch him up as a lot of his stuffing had fallen out, and he was very much in need of repair. She looked on as her grandma replaced his stuffing and patched up his holes. his stitches had started showing where the fur had worn away, but the little girl thought he looked perfect. It was all cozy and warm in the little girl's house and the bear felt all cosy and warm in his heart. however, his nose was still blue and his fur was still grey, and they would never return to brown.
He was unique among teddy bears. the little girl gave him a great big hug. she loved him more than anything else in the world her little grey blue-nosed Tatty Teddy.
the new edition to my me-to-you bear collection:

this lovely little bear from my hb. was supposed to get it on v-day but the florist made a mistake to it was sent to me today. it's so cute 'i love you this much'...
3) Care Bears
*care bears stare* which is actually a 'weapon' protecting the carebears itself. Its where all the carebears will stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols. Rays of love and good cheer will be combine from the tummy symbols which will bring care and joy to the target's hear <3 jus so cute. of all the carebears i love cheer bears the most. yes, it's cause of the rainbow and it's PINK. wat more can i ask for right? it's like it's perfectly painted and colored for ME.

my miniature carebear keychain. this is so that i can see a rainbow everywhere i go <3

4) Ty Bears
i'm not so into ty bears now. was so overly crazy with it during my hostel days back in JIS with my 'crazy' roommate Kristin. Her collection of the TY bears are huge. half of the single bed was all filled with teddy bears. Two of my most loved TY bears are the Kiss Me Valentine Edition and the Cheery Bear.
I was browsing through the internet one day and then i saw this Kiss Me bear. fell in love with it straight away so i told that 'someone' that i love tat bear and the next thing you know it's already at the door step of the hostel.
I bought the cheery bear myself because i love rainbows so much. this bear is all covered with rainbows. so nice. love it still.
i know a grown up like me should not be liking teddy bears but then i don think there's ever an age limit to teddy bears. they will always be loved whether you are young or old.


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