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Friday, February 17, 2012Y

Thank god it's friday again. had a super long working week, luckily there's v-day in between to at least release some stress level off work. friday is always more relaxing than the rest of the days. my colleague bought dim sum for us to eat today from Phong Mun Restaurant. Had porridge and siew mai. i love the siew mai there. it's the best in brunei d. guess wat? i had lunch at Phong Mun again. So it's breakfast + lunch from Phong Mun. I don think i'll ever get bored of the food there. they serve so much varieties of chinese food, their dim sum is still the best *thumbs up* anywayz, i always love fridays because of the super long lunch which we always get which is from 11.45 - 2.15. so it's 2.5 hours of lunch break! BEST! will be going back to seria today and spend time with my parents. hasn't been back to seria for a fortnight already. miss the breakie at universal and the roasted duck from KB.

jus found out yesterday that friday will be included in the 'no plastic bag' weekend. so this means i really hav to do my shopping on monday. i detest having to use shopping bags and boxes to carry my groceries cause for example if i was to buy some cold storage goods and put inside my shopping bag then when i reach home, my shopping bag will be wet and i hav to wash it or let it dry again. unlike plastic bags, whereby i can jus dump it aside inside a cupboard without needing to wash it. See washing it wastes water so why not opt for the plastic bag instead. the plastic bags will be reused to hold the garbage so it comes to another use as well so it can be considered as environmental friendly as well. i admit i'm not those super environmental frenly person but then i really don find a point of using the shopping bags. i always forget to bring the shopping bag during weekends and i end up having to buy a new one at the counter. so it's wasting money again. till date, i think i've got so many unwanted shopping bags laying around the house.

With my attitude i don think i can ever survive staying in Japan, I think i'll go nuts cause i saw from the documentary regarding 'life in japan', before the rubbish can be thrown away, it has to be categorized into several categories like paper, aluminium, glass, etc before they can be thrown away and they hav to read the recycling instructions properly before the product can be disposed off. no wonder japan can be kept so clean. *salutes*

recycling has to start somewhere...maybe a better way to start is to put a shopping bag into all my bags so i won't hav to get one at the counter next time. but how many shopping bags do i need to bring in order to carry all my groceries??? *hmmm*

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