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Tuesday, February 07, 2012Y
~*washing hair*~

i donno how most of the girls can stand the process of washing their hair everyday. i used to wash my hair everyday too but then the process is jus too tedious. i don mind the washing part but then the drying hair part is jus too tedious for me. though i've bought the highest powered watt hair dryer that i could find in the market, it still takes about 15-20 mins jus to blow my hair dry. then i hav to use the curling tong or hair straightener to style my hair. gosh...thus i wash my hair on alternate days. and if i'm lazy i'll jus go to the saloon, Agogo Too which is really near my office. So i can jus sit back relax and play my iphone games.
i love to purchase shampoos, treatment creams, sprays or watever hair products which you can think of so that i will be motivated to wash my own hair instead of going to the saloon so often. Currently, i'm using two different sets of shampoo and hair treatments in bandar and in seria home.
Shampoo: Essential Rich Premier Shampoo
i mad love the smell of the essential range. it smells so fruity and nice. it was said the smell is actually sunflower oil but i don recall the cooking sunflower oil smells so nice *lame*. after washing with this shampoo it feels so smooth. and almost tangle-free. it gives hair a smooth and manageable feel.

Conditioner: Essential Rich Premier Treatment
this was actually recommended to be used 1-2 a week but because my hair is so super dry. i had to use this as a normal conditioner instead. honestly i don feel much difference with using this as a conditioner or using the normal essential conditioner. the smoothness is similar.

Hair Ends: Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium
this is the super heart one. it actually helps to 'hide' ur split ends. making it look really glossy and manageable. this serum is to be applied to the last 15cm of the hair.

Leave-In conditioner:
*shake shake**spray spray* leaves the hair looking frizz-free. it is sprayed on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner. it gives dry hair a moisture kick and it really helps with detangling. it also acts as a heat protecting spray especially when i always curl and straighten my hair.

the name says it all. Repaid Rescue. 911!! HELP!!
it's for really dry brittle hair. i use this only during weekends. Though i love this product too but then the smell is not as nice the essential thus it's demoted as a weekend shampoo only.

this is actually a steam-cream but then i used it as a conditioner instead for the extra boost of moisture and shine. honestly, i have to admit that the reason that i bought this was because it's PINK. hehe.

Leave-In conditioner:
*shake shake**spray spray too* this bottle works the same as the moisture kick leaving the hair shiny. As you can see, the liquid is pink-ish at the bottom and there’s a light pink foam at the top so shake the bottle before using to mix it up. Just spray lightly on top of hair, as for me, I focus on spraying the ends. After spraying, start combing through to distribute the conditioner. You’ll be able to notice the effects immediately, hair starts to feel so smooth it’s like running your fingers through silk. *over exaggerated*


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