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Tuesday, February 21, 2012Y
~*which part of malaysia??*~

just when i thought i had quite a stressful day at work yesterday, my nite jus got so much better. my beloved hb bought me a new Kris Bear from Swarovski to add to my Bear Bear collection *loves* jus love to see how the light gets reflected out from the crystals. hav to thank benji too for bringing my bear back in one piece. it's sitting perfectly now with the other bears from all parts of the world. i hope they can communicate well with each other.

well i start my day by getting a surprised call from our HR saying that i am entitled to a free ticket to travel to any part of Malaysia...COOLS. but now the problem is which part of malaysia do i wanna go to? Initially was planning to go KL visit my biatch but then i guess there's some slight change of plans. and if i was to purchase another ticket for my hb it will be B$499+ taxes, and i'm such a cheapo who won't pay so much for a ticket jus to KL. KL is jus not worth tat price because it's so much cheaper to travel via AirAsia. Wanted to go back to penang to visit my grandpa but then my aunt is jus so busy so i don think it's the right time to go back as well. i guess i'll opt for KK instead cause i jus wanna spend a relaxing weekend without shopping and jus relax by the beach and wait for the sight of dolphins to appear *dream-on* but ya, i jus wan a relaxing holiday...say NO to shopping *fingers crossed*. everything is still unplanned so will still need to discuss this further. if i really go KK i think i'll wan to take a flight to Taiwan since it's already so convenience and go get my cheap swarovskis and hav a high tea at hello kitty cafe. not a bad idea...i think i'll jus fly off during the weekend of my birthday and spend my birthday somewhere then. sincerely thank my company for the pre-bonus. haha.


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