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Tuesday, March 06, 2012Y
~*de lawyer dog*~

I know I should be sleeping right now because I've got to wake up to work later at 1am. I know rite? The best time to be fast asleep n yet I hav to wake up. Well there's some operations which had to be done so we had to go do it. Been tossing n turning on the bed but I could sleep so I went through some pictures which I've taken previously. Saw this 'lawyer dog' photo which I wanted to blog about long time ago.
*please ignore the blemishes on my skin and focus on the doggie*

Well this ld (lawyer dog) is one of the many fascinating things which my hb used when he wanted to court me in the early stages. I still remember when I got into the car then he told me Tat he wanted to show me something interesting. I was thinking Wat was it...then he brought out the dog from the back seat. It seems to me jus like a normal softtoy. Nothing so special about it. But apparently it's like a puppet. When my hb puts his hand into the softtoy n moves the mouth like a puppet it actually sings. Very cute indeed.

This softtoy serves another need for my hb. It actually holds his wig cause I guess the shape of the dog head really manage to hold the wig properly in place together with the collar as well n hence the name lawyer dog which was a name given to him.
Initially he was sitting nicely on the top most slot on the glass shelf but when I started collecting my Kris bears it has shifted place to the 2nd slot. The demotion did not stop, when I got my hello kitty swarovski collections it shifted another slow downwards. Now it's sitting on the fake colored crystals which I bought from shanghai. Well at least it's still in the room n always in our heart.

muahz & hugz
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