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Friday, March 23, 2012Y
~*my so-called holiday*~

Though I'm supposed to be on leave but I had to go back to office to get some work done. So practically I was working half day. In order to pamper myself for the other half of the day I decided to go for a nice massage. Drove all the way to Thann spa in kiulap but then there's no parking tere so went to zen spa instead which is located at regent square. Their massage is okie, felt so relax after the massage. But unfortunately I received a call Tat I hav to work ot tonight.

So here i am, jus got off work n now contemplating whether should I cook a bowl of hot curry Maggi Mee with eggs for my early morning breakfast but it's gonna be so fattening. Thus I try to shift my mind off Tat devilish thought n blog instead. Tonight's job was the easiest of all nite jobs cause i was jus on standby n thus it's not our department who are doing any upgrades. Only took less than half an hour to get everything done. Now I'm so wide awake watching my hb playing his newly purchased game on his ps3. So ya, while I was busting working, he was busying 'working' too and my sis in law is still awake too. Guess the whole house is still all wide awake. Should have gone for supper at semporna.

Better sign off now n continue the currently very addictive game 'draw something'. There's a very interesting fact which I read about this app:
It took AOL 9 years to reach 1 million users.
Facebook took 9 months BUT draw something jus took 9 days to reach 1 million users. Crazy!! Insane!! Poor OMGPop was bought over by zynga for 210 million n now OMGPop is worth around 800 million n rising!!

Anyways to conclude my blog post for this early morning, there's gonna be a b-mobile Epl roadshow at airport mall from 23rd march to 25th march. So do drop by and stand a chance to win attractive prices or tickets.

muahz & hugz
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