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Sunday, March 04, 2012Y
~*eat, sleep, eat more again*~

Feel so fat now! Haven't felt the feeling of hunger since 9am this morning. Started by day having warm breakie with my parents at the usual universal cafe. My mum wanted to get her hair dyed so I decided to accompany her to the saloon so Tat I can do some treatment to my very-dried-up hair as well. Spent nearly 2.5 hours there. Luckily I've downloaded chicken soup for soul into my iPad to accompany throughout the session.

I've got cravings for rojak so dad brought us to the foodstall behind Chung Hwa school to hav our lunch. So stuffed with chicken rice n rojak but I still wanna go to the newly open dessert shop in harapan complex which my parents were talking about last week.

It's really good to see tat there's so many new restaurants being open in belait district over the past year. So at least those belait people don hav to drive all the way up to bandar. The newly dessert shop which I mentioned is called 'guilingao dessert house' situated in harapan complex.

Apparently it's actually the sole & exclusive distributor of 'hoi tin tong' which is a famous herbal shop in hong kong. So it's really great Tat they brought in this dessert shop to Brunei. They serve typical desserts which can be found in hongkong like gui ling gao, egg bubble waffle, egg tart, herbal tea, bird nest, etc. Since we were all so full so we only ordered something light. We ordered rose tea with honey, hashima with ginseng & longan, herbal tea and herbal egg.

*if the information that i gathered is correct, hashima is actually oviduct fat from the female forest frog which provides all sorts of health benefits tat the bird's nest can provide (i.e. beautifies and improves the skin condition). well this is sort of the cheap version of bird's nest.

In the midst of enjoying my hashima there, my fren, Joey called and told me Tat he and his family are on his way to kb to look for bicycle! I thought he was joking to come all the way for a bicycle. Well so I told him to look for me when he's done his bicycle seeking n buying with his family because I miss maddie so much. She's such an adorable little girl. Anyways the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon after such full meal is to SLEEP! Decided to sleep till I get my tea-time call from maddie's dad. So met them up in universal cafe with my parents as well then after tea the bandarians even wanna takeaway char koey teow n Kolomee. I really donno why bandar people love the ckt in Seria so much as for me I still prefer Penang ones cause the koey teow here is jus too thick not up to my preference. i'm also still quite curious why they hav to drive all the way to kb jus to get a bicycle for maddie, but according to juliana, they are actually looking for 'antique' bicycle which i'm still quite curious how it actually looks like.

I only had 1.5 hours of digesting time and it's dinner at kaizen with my parents and hubby. I looked at the mirror jus now and I really think I should be on diet starting next month. As I aged I no longer grow on the y-axis but on the x-axis n z-axis instead! Better start researching wats the best method to lose the fats around my tummy.


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