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Friday, March 16, 2012Y
~*empire with the girls*~

both the girls told me tat they wanted a light dinner so after having a supposedly 'light' dinner i drove them to Empire so they can try the desserts at Zest. Well somehow, Empire has become one of the main tourist attractions when visiting Brunei. It always gives a 'wow' factor for the tourists. Unfortunately it was raining and so they didn't get to see the nice view of the beach, we only got to stroll along the covered pavements around the hotel.

*don expect too much from the iphone4 without the S, the pic can distinguish the person can d*
*wat a romantic walkway to be walked together with your loved ones*

*the touristy shot*

*i should hav stepped a step higher #shorty*
*the ghostly shot which is supposed to be shot during Halloween, wrong time of the year #failed*

*2nd try...pass*

*up up and away...desserts time*

*the selection of yummy cakes at Zest*

*i still prefer the macaroons at Fleur de Lys, but of course the best i will still think it's TWG*

*our orders, Royal Chocolate and Brunei Cheese Cake*

*Proboscis Monkey keychain which Feli decided to get for Stef as souvenir as well as one for herself*

So ya, they left yesterday. Can't wait to get to KL this May to meet my bff Stef and Feli again and the bunch of crazy frens. Btw, i really did receive my March 14th White Day present from my hb. hehe. It's the 'rose for you' Kris bear. Another bear to my swarovski collection. *loves*


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