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Thursday, March 22, 2012Y
~*Face-lift at Brunei International Airport*~

Currently, the Brunei international airport is undergoing major renovations which is a good thing however it's causing massive jams in the arrival and departure hall carparks.

Below are a few pics which i manage to 'steal' if from the BEDB website:
*the departure lounge with palm tree decorations...feels so tropical*

*the arrival hall*

*how it's supposed to look like from the aerial view after the reconstruction*

*a bigger waiting area when collecting our luggages*

This is going to be a three-year project so we will hav to endure this major renovation for now since it's for the better. As for now, we will hav to make sure we get to the airport earlier to find parking cause it usually takes more than 15-20 minutes than it usually does.
*this is wat happened last monday when i had to pick my parents in law up from the airport. I waited at the $3 parking for more than 20 minutes. It's so full that they will only allow one car to get in every 5 minutes or so*


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