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Thursday, March 29, 2012Y
~*Jack's Surprised Party*~

Olivia wanted to organize a surprise birthday party for her beloved hubby so she asked me to help contact everyone and making sure Jack doesn't know about it.
*the nicely decorated crib*

*the woman behind it all*

*nom nom*

*he jus can't get himself off tat table*

*without flash...FAIL*

*the only time i sat outside cause i'm afraid to get mosquito bites. so indoors are always preferred*

*spiderman trying to unleash his powers*

Olivia keep feeding us with food and cakes. She baked two cakes for Jack's birthday and this is one of them. Taste good.
*cheese with fruit cocktail cake*

*yet another cake baked by Olivia...Carrot Cake*

*baby on loan jus for the family pic cause Ian refuse to be in it, he was too attached to the TV. kindly please notice the creatively wrapped present by ME, the reason for this is cause i didn't hav enough present paper at home and it was quite a last minute thing that i had to wrap the present*

*we got a random box from office to put the massage voucher in so tat the present looks BIG. see how creative my colleagues are*

*ONLY headache about this is wat to get for Jack for his birthday. buying things for guys is not a prob but then buying it in Brunei is quite a tedious thing to do. so we all got him 10 sessions of massage voucher instead.*

*Zoe is jus so cute, jus loved baby girl. she can sit quietly and cutely while watching tv and show us some cute action onces in a while like how does an alligator sound..grrr grrr. if she was an alligator i'll jus say 'bite me bite me..plz'*

Not only did Jack got present for his birthday. i got a belated birthday present from Olivia too. A precious moment mug. it's simply adorable. too cute to be used. love the card which she made for me too.

muahz & hugz
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