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Monday, March 05, 2012Y
~*Korean food at Jangsak*~

Located along the simpang 845 jalan Jangsak, where this 'new' Korean restaurant can be found. It's not hard to spot cause there will be alot of cars park outside and you will be able to see the sign 'Silla Korean house'.
I love the ambience there. It's so nicely decorated. Upon entering the restaurant, you will hav to walk pass a bridge to get to where you will be seated.

*Love how the cutleries are designed to be so koreanish*

The appetizers was so-so. Nothing to say much about but I still prefer the sweet potato from kimchi restaurant. We ordered dol-sot bibimbap, grilled chicken and the seafood pancake. We thought the portions will be quite small but we were wrong.

*dol sot bibimbap*

*seafood pancake which we both think is better than the one at Kimchi Restaurant*

*the portion of the chicken is too big, it fits 3-4 pax*

We ate till we nearly hav to hav a cart to carry our tummies out of the restaurant. Definitely a restaurant Tat I will be bringing my parents to when they make their next trip up to bandar. wanted to go get mochi yogurt for desserts but then there's seriously no space in our tummy guess we will need to save it for tomorrow's dessert.


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