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Tuesday, March 20, 2012Y
~*Korean house restaurant*~

Recently there's quite a number of new restaurants opening in Brunei. Here's another new one which is located in mata mata jus opposite star home (previously called growing star). This Korean restaurant is very unlike the rest of the Korean restaurants like kimchi, shilla, or the old Korean restaurant in kiulap.
This one gives a very economical feeling. Not much decorations around but I'm surrounded with Koreans so felt like as though I'm in a canteen in Korea.
*seems like they hav alot of choices but they don even hav Dol sot bimbap!*

The moment I flipped the menu my eyes instantly grew bigger! I saw grilled pork!! Immediately without further ado I ordered it. Hoping Tat it will taste like the grilled pork I had in Korea.
When the appetizers arrived it was rather disappointing cause of the appearance. it doesn't taste great too. so it actually tasted as plain as it looks.

*they actually make their own noodles for some of the noodle dishes*

My hb said that the jajang-myeon is not that tasty. he says the instant noodles of jajang-myeon tasted nicer. well i hav this jajang-myeon phobia cause of my hb. here's a random side story, one night during our dating stage, my hb decided to cook for me to eat, it's his first time cooking for me so he cooked this jajang-myeon instant noodles. it was my first time eating jajang-myeon too so i liked it but then i donno wat happened when i returned to my home, i puked instantly and from tat day onwards i nvr had or order jajang-myeon. i wasn't even sick, i guess it's jus my tummy's autofunction to reject jajang-myeon or my hb's cooking *hmmm, still thinking which is the answer??*

anywayz, back to the food. then my korean soy bean paste stew (doejang jjigae & rice) arrived. Well it tasted okie, like miso soup with tofu, mushroom and clams. nothing too special about this dish.
*served with multi-grain rice*

the bbq grilled pork with seasoned korean soy sauce which tasted jus normal. nothing too glam about this dish. definitely has not match for the bbq pork which i've tasted in korea.

my verdict for this restaurant will be borderline pass. in short it's more like economical korean food. nothing great or fancy.


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