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Thursday, March 15, 2012Y
~*'low' in everything*~

Started my day with a 'red' battery bar icon on my iphone stating it's 19%. OMG. so went to charge it as much as i can while i get myself prepared. Normally my iphone will be charged overnite but cause i slept really late last nite so it was jus left on my hb's pillow to 'accompany' me through the nite. he's been away for conference in KL for the past two days, it's quite a coincidence that Feli came at the right moment so at least i won't feel so bored. Anyways not only my phone was low batt, when i got into my car i realised my fuel tank is nearly empty too! the indicator is about 10 degrees to the 'E' sign but the petrol station was so packed in the early morning and i had to rush to HQ to interview new staffs at 9. So praying that my amount of petrol can bring me to HQ and to the nearest petrol station. *prays hard*

Rushed to the petrol station straight after the interview and luckily i didn't tell the person that i wanted full tank cause when i opened my wallet i was left with $16!! OMG! panic attack. so i told them to pump $16 instead. There's no ATM anywhere near me and they don even accept credit card. How i wish Brunei will hav debit cards like in Australia whereby you can go out cashless. Jus hate to go ATM to withdraw money. Why can't we jus bring a piece of card out? then our wallets won't be so heavy and bulky! *hmpf* So now my iphone is still charging as i am typing this blog and my petrol tank is jus 5/8 filled but my wallet is still cashless. need to find sponsorship for lunch...


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