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Sunday, March 11, 2012Y
~*man vs woman*~

There is always a saying that 'men are from mars and women are from venus' indicating the difference between them both. However, they are 'forced' to be living together on planet earth.

*so true about this comic strip*

Men and women often behaves in different ways. Jus like a simple 'going-to-toilet' gesture. You won't see men asking his fren 'wanna go to toilet for a leak?', men usually go toilet for biological reasons whereas women will usually go to the toilet in groups treating the toilet as a social lounge, giggling their way about practically anything in the toilet.

Another vast difference between men and women when they shop. The pictures below illustrate wat's actually going on inside the men and women's mind.

*the flow which states: will my husband kill me? ~yes~ can hide it in the closet? ~yes~BUY IT...*thumbs up for tat*

*reason why women end up with more clothes in the closet*

*despite the many clothing tat women hav, we sometimes hav nothing to wear, some of the many reasons being 'clothing which was meant to be hidden from hb', 'grew too fat', 'someone you knew hav the same top as your'*

Men are so bad with colors, in their world only the colors of the rainbow exists. if you tell them i wan a fushia colored heels, i can assure you 95% of the guys will look at u with a blanked face. the other 5% of the guys who knew are most probably gay.
*the women's color chart*

finally, a question with no answers till today...who actually suffers more? being a man or a woman? women always rant about having to withstand the pain of child birth, and men always defense themselves having to be the one 'bringing home the bacon'. well this defense does not appear to be right in this era because watever men can do, women can indeed be doing it better.

What still bewilders us is still the differences between men vs women. Man or Woman, they always hav a love-hate relationship, they are both directly opposite of each other but no matter how much we hate or love them, we can't live without them. it's the difference which makes them special in their way.

One thing which is true enough, which i have to admit; no matter how strong a woman is, at the end of the day she will still need the man's love to comfort her and listen to her rants and wat she've done for the whole day. so despite all the difference i hav with my hb, i'm glad he's there for me when i need him most *loves*

Last but not least, though my hb has showered me with loads of love but i still i'll wish i can hav this remote:
*this remote is even better than the remote in 'CLICK'*


muahz & hugz
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