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Wednesday, March 28, 2012Y
~*my birthday cakes from 1 year old to 28 years old*~

I have to sincerely thanks my mum for this blog post because it's her who actually helped me to keep all my birthday photos properly in albums. So all i need to do is jus to snap pics of it and put it here. Pretty easy job with a very organized mummy. hehe.

*my 1st birthday celebrated with my yee yee whose birthday is on March 16th, look how tiny and innocent i was..such an angel*

*my love for hello kitty already started at age of 2! look how impatient i was during the photo shoot. reason is cause i wanna get those red eggs*

*yay, smurfette cake..didn't know i actually liked smurf this much*

*the retarded looking tweety bird*

*my birthday celebrated with my childhood fren, Jasmine whose birthday is jus a day earlier than mine. i still remember my head got knocked with a dumbbell cause my fren was holding it and i was standing behind him, too short to be noticed.*

*the reason for this kuih is cause i jus had chicken pox and apparently i can't eat anything with egg content hence my grandpa steamed a kuih looking cake for me as my birthday cake. i mean birthday kuih and it's PINK!*

*i was also a great fan of barbie dolls back then thus my parents ordered this cake for me. well the doll was not a barbie doll of course*

*my first two tier cake celebrated in penang. still remember grandma had an eye operation and mum undergone some hand operation as well but they still planned a birthday party for me. don ask me why i looked so sad in the pic*

*my birthday celebrated in Pretty Inn in Seria, but the restaurant is now closed d. Lovely yummilicious durian cake baked by my mum's fren*

*the 2nd time tat i celebrated my birthday with my yee yee in Pretty Inn Restaurant, Seria. The reason why i got a rabbit cake was cause i had rabbit teeth at tat time hence i nvr showed my teeth in most of my photos back then*

*me and my classmates in St. Angela's School, Seria. miss all my ex-classmates. how i wish we can hav a reunion again.*

*went back to penang to celebrate my birthday. though my grandma is no longer with us but we still feel her presence*

*another not so nicely drawn minnie mouse*

*look how short i was...not saying i'm tall now but at least the 'ideal' height for girls. hehe*

*snow white and the seven drafts cake..so cute*

*u don see my teeth still...cause i'm still with braces*

*yay...i finally took off my braces...shortest hair length ever!!*

*the simplest birthday cake ever, either my mum didn't pre-order the cake or the cake shop jus didn't do a good job*

*driving license here i come*

*celebrated in Brisbane. was there to look at the uni environment before i go there to further my studies.*

*there's a mistake on the cake..."Daddy bought me an ice-cream yam cake. Yummy. But you know what?? He thought that I was 21!! I now know where did I inherit all my blurness from..MY DAD (retrieved from my old blog)"*

*celebrated my 21st birthday with my bff Siew wei who is jus 2 days younger than me*

*me and siew wei's birthday cakes*

*for some reason i look extremely fat in the pic*

*first birthday after i started working, tat's when the bakerlyn hype started cause from this year onwards, most of my cakes are from bakerlyn*

*celebrated with my lovely colleagues, notice how there are two groups of guys. the first group isbelow 30s and the next is above 30s*

*1st birthday with my hubby...notice the smile on the 2nd pic, i still remembered he wasn't too happy about a particular something*

*with my relatives at Shabu Shabu (look how cute my nieces and nephews are) and dinner with my hb at Villa Mauri*

*birthday lunch with my colleagues at RMS Portview, few days before i flew off to Shenzhen for Training*

*KNS definition: Kind, Nice and Sweet...well tat's my interpretation but for my colleagues it's Kanasai...well i know they love my kns-ness anyways*

*probably the most expensive birthday cake tat i've ever received. Hb ordered it from Bakerlyn cause he knows i'm a crazy fan of hello kitty and if my parents permit, i will actually turn my bedroom into a hello kitty room!. Family dinner at Zaika*

*my 28th birthday with my family in Kaizen, Seria with a so-real durian cake*


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