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Sunday, March 25, 2012Y
~*my birthday celebration: part 2*~

First part of yesterday night, was dinner at kaizen with our parents in Seria. Hb told me Tat he ordered a durian cake for my birthday this year so I was expecting a normal flat yellowish cake. But to my surprise, it came out looking like a whole durian!

The touching thing is Tat my hb detest durian, hates the smell hates the tastes, basically jus super anti-'durianian' and yet he withstand the smell of the durian cake in his car for the whole journey from bandar to Seria.

*the 3D durian cake which looks so realistic and smells like durian too*

*the family portrait*

*luckily i didn't ask for 28 candles*

*make a wish: wishing for a thousand of things which can't be told here*

*the durian-opening, opps i mean cake-cutting*

*inside the 'durian'*

*ya ya, i know i 'stink'*

The second part of the night is to go to my uncle's house who shares the same birthday as mine. He's also celebrating in advance as well so we decided to drop by since it's still early after dinner. Had a great weekend today. Will blog more about my birthday tomorrow *fingers crossed*

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