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Tuesday, March 27, 2012Y
~*my birthday celebration: part 4*~

Had lunch with Siew Wei (the birthday girl), Harold, and Bernice at Sorriso to sort of celebrate both Siew Wei and my birthday. The birthday girl was nice enough to pick me up from my office so i don hav to drive in such a hot weather. It's blazing hot outside tat i think i can melt in minutes under the sun.
*tiramisu: MUST EAT*

We had a great lunch planning for Harold's future gigolo business. how he could actually hav side income beside being a lawyer and how Bernice can actually supply him with Viagra for his gigolo business. We also planned to go Cambodia this year cause rumours has it tat Angkor Wat will be closed for the public soon. I really wanna visit Borobudur and Angkor Wat. Though i'm not an architectural person but these are the top two ancient architectures on my list.

*look how lovely it is*

*also an UNESCO World Heritage Site*

i think the reason why i'm so into these two architectures is cause i've been studying their history when i was young. It's really nice to know about the details like the rise and fall of the empires. i also wanna visit Taj Mahal, suggested to go India for our honeymoon but got rejected, i don think my hb will be interested to go places like these, guess i will need to take a few months to persuade him. angkor wat is a MUST...


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