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Tuesday, March 27, 2012Y
~*my lovely biatches*~

I jus hav to tell how much I love these two biatches of mine. So surprised to receive the bouquet of roses from my dear blossom n buttercup all the way from Malaysia. really lightened up yesterday's rainy weather.

Our friendship blossomed when we were in uni year 3. From the hours spent in shopping, to clubbing and to the times we hav to rush for our lab reports. Still remember how we split the task. Stef will be the one doing the experimental work, Fio will be the one calculating and getting the answers and i'll be the one typing the report and all those bullshit for the lab report adding more 'bunga bunga' to make the report looks more 'professional'. we at least we manage to hav fun in uni :)

*some random dinner*

*after our final year exams, decided to go to the studio to take pics for remembrance*

*us at prom*

*our lunch at Frattini after our Final Year Presentation*

i'm still waiting for our to-be-planned girlie trip together. jus wondering when. it better be soonest possible but NO BEACH please.


muahz & hugz
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