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Monday, March 12, 2012Y
~*my quite fruitful weekend*~

Started my weekend with the 3 hour manicure at Nails & Wax. I know it's guys will never understand why does it takes so long to handle jus ten fingers. Well 3d nail art takes quite long for it to dry. N the manicurist needs to do quite a number of flowers on my fingers together with pink French tips.
* please do not focus on the skin color difference between me and the manicurist, i know i'm tanned ~sob sob~*

*the end product <3*

After the unexpectedly long delay we had after lunch before we could drive back to seria was because i was on the Sims Social quest whereby i need 15 additional energy before i can complete the quest. Thus in order to get the 15 energy i had to wait 1hr and 15 mins which result in the delay to get back to seria.
The usual question of the day which will normally be asked by my dad:
Dad: Where to go for dinner?
Me: donno...sui pian...lazy to think.
Dad: Bah, go miri la.
Me: ok...ON.
So there we go...all the way down to miri and had bak kut teh for dinner. Really pork overload. After Tat we went to parkson to get my supply of sk-2. Luckily we went down this weekend cause parkson was having this double point for bonus link members n for every rm150 spent we will be entitled additional rm10 voucher! We got rm250 to spent after paying for the sk-2. So we had to walk around parkson to utilize the vouchers.
*my 9 months supply of SK-II*

Woke up early on Sunday morning n decided to try out a new place for dim sum besides going to the usual 'grand palace hotel' for dimsum. The new place is called 'Lao yang' restaurant which is located in the bulatan park in boulevard.
*please don ask me wat's called in chinese...totally hav no idea*

The nicely Chinese restaurant was fully packed when we entered. It took us a while before we could find a place to sit. Look at the cart serving a variety of porridge. They served alot of different steam n fried dim sum.
Here the comes the comments n complains.
Let's talk about the steam dim sum first:
The Siew Mai is edible, it's better than grand palace but it's not as good a phong Mun in Brunei. Shark fins dumplings are not great. Still prefer the shark fins dumplings in dynasty restaurant. The chicken feet i didn't eat so couldn't say much. The herbal chicken is something special which can be ordered if you wanna try something new. The lotus root n meat is jus okie. Passing line.
*edible...slightly peppery*

As for the fried stuffs a must thing to order will be the egg tart n the fried 'chin toi'. The egg tart is quite flaky though it's not as great as those in hong kong but then for Miri standard it's okie. But warning: do not order the salad prawn! Urgent alert. It's like eating flour.
*must order if you are there*

*look how flaky it is*

*i like the texture of the noodles. not bad for miri standard*

*As for the porridge it's super salty. Even for a person like me who loves to eat salt.*

*mango pudding is edible*

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