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Thursday, March 08, 2012Y
~*new iPad??*~

i thought the name of the new ipad will be iPad 3 which i'm sure that's what most people will think it will be. But no...Apple decided to come up with something simple 'The new iPad'. The curiosity still lies on what they will name the next version of iPad. The newer iPad?? another new iPad? Pretty lame for them to come up with the name.
Anyways below are the comparisons for between 'the new iPad' vs 'iPad 2'
As you can see from the table above, the new ipad has retina display and supports 4G. But wat's the use of buying an iPad which supports 4G when we do not hav the 4G technology in Brunei yet. Having an improved rear camera is actually pretty useless for an iPad. It's so bulky, i don even use it for taking pictures. It's like using a book to take pictures so inconvenient. i would rather they improve the front camera so at least it's better for facetime. This 'the new ipad' is even heavier than the old one. A major turn-off for me not to get it. *hugging my ipad2 tight tight now*. #savesmoney. well they improved the battery but then with the new processor it will consume more power as well so at the end of the day it's still same SH*T. Still anticipating for the iPhone5. i hope they don name it 'the new iPhone'...


muahz & hugz
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