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Tuesday, March 06, 2012Y
~*new layout*~

decided to change the new layout of my blog. so let's bid farewell to my old blog. was browsing the internet for templates for my blog then i stumbled upon one of them.

The layout is really nice but then there are still some changes which i need to amend to suit my blogging needs. i like this new layout because by pressing on the 'heart balloon' it will actually bring the reader back to the top without having to scroll manually. kinda cool. i also added falling objects on the crosshair cursor so tat it will give some sort of a fairyland feel. had been amending scripts here and there. there are still alot of pages which i wanna add to the blog which i still haven't decided wat to add yet. *thinking caps ON* so it will be nice if the readers would drop me a few comments on what they wanna read or see then it will be great.

yesterday my hb told me tat there are two more new Kris Bears available in Swarovski *excited* can't wait to get my hands on them.
*Let's Play Ball - such a cute creation from swarovski *MUST HAVE*

*nothing too special about this kris bear, it's kinda similar to the 'A Rose for you' Kris Bear which i own*

With the increasing number of Kris Bears that i am collecting, i think i really need to make a cabinet for it. Don kinda trust the Ikea glass cabinet which i'm currently using because i'm afraid one day it might not be able to hold the weight of my bears. *paranoid*

Didn't know swarovski will also hav gifts for March 14 (White Day) *hint hint* (a day where the guy is supposed to return the girl the gift after receiving chocolates on *Valentine's Day* Saw this really nice necklace with pink heart. not sure how the real one will look like...hope it's not too big. cause i prefer smaller pendants.


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