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Thursday, March 01, 2012Y
~*the proposal*~

don get too overwhelmed, it's not my proposal...most of the girls who r lucky will get a very well remembered proposal. Something which they can share with their children or grandchildren at the later point in life. Well I'm not saying Tat I'm not lucky to get a great hubby. But there's a tiny little thing which is missing in the relationship. The proposal. Well how we got married was a mutual agreement thus no proposal was involved. Before I got married I've always dreamt how would my mr right actually propose to me but all dreams are shattered. Well at least I still get my dream tiffany & co engagement ring so not gonna complain too much.

Anyways don wanna sound so pessimistic in the post cause I'm really super duper happy about my close fren's proposal. He spent so much time and effort preparing for this proposal despite he's so busy with his business. Before settling for this cinema plan he went through alot of other plans which was way out of the box. *big clap to Daniel*

Here's his plan:
*Book a cinema, get all his close frens into the cinema, stop in the middle of the movie to play his proposal video, proposed to his lovely gf Joan, happy ending*
sounds easy but I've seen him preparing for it. From choosing which cinema to recording the video to choosing the right date (which initially was supposed to be on 22nd February but due to some hiccups it got postponed). Arranging us all to be there on time n finding a good videographer n camera man. Oh ya. Not to forget the flowers n ring! very tedious indeed.

The real thing:
Long story short, we were all seated at the cinema around 10 all anticipating for the arrival of Daniel n Joan. We weren't sure whether hav they arrived because if we peeked then Joan would hav known our existence. The movie started at 10.20 sharp n the movie stopped at 35 mins, the most exciting part of the movie...up comes the screen of movie interruption. Then it played the video which daniel pre recorded about his life with Joan. Very sweet indeed.

Then pops the question. We all stood up to see how Dan kneeled down to Joan to ask for her hand in marriage. The all-teary Joan was so speechless for words. Jus nodding n said yes. Who would even say no for such sweet n romantic proposal?

*didn't get to take good pictures there...*

if you think this is sweet? wait for the moment when joan entered the hotel room which dan has spent so much time decorating it with rose petals and helium balloons.

after 33 months of togetherness, mr wong finally chose his rightful half. I wish them a joyous wedding preparation moment. Preparing for the wedding is actually quite fun. Although mine was mostly prepared by my mum but I enjoy the whole process of looking for invitation cards, searching for a nice door gift, etc. Speaking of which I nvr actually blogged about my wedding. So let me find one very free fine day I'll get Tat post up. As for now...congratulations to Daniel & Joan.
*me and mrs wong*

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