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Friday, March 30, 2012Y
~*QR codes: the next IN thing*~

I'm sure alot of u may notice this squarish looking thing which can be found in quite alot of magazines and posters around us.
Well, this squarish looking thing is actually known as the QR code (Quick Response Code) which is a matrix barcode initially used in the automative industry. It has been out for years but has recently sky-rocketed due to the high usage of mobile phones and entrepreneurs trying to use this as a form of advertising purposes. It's now the next generation of website tagging and is gaining success in online marketing. It is designed so that information can be decoded at high speed by a decoder which can be installed into your iphones or android phones. You don hav to type the url anymore, jus download the decoder in ur smart phones and then snap and wait and read. as simple as ABC. now there are alot of nice QR designs in this industry. *creative*.

*MTV's QR code*

*Ralph Lauren's QR code*

*some random QR code which i find really nice*

Currently there are quite a number of QR readers in the market. Here are a few which are quite good and it's FREE:
1) QR Reader for iPhone
2) Qropit
3) QR Scanner

So what my readers should do now, kindly take out your smart phones and download one of these QR readers. and snap on the QR below *hugz*:
*due to time limitation, this is the draft design for my QR code...my blog*


muahz & hugz
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