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Saturday, March 03, 2012Y

rice has been the staple food for all asians. honestly, i'm not a rice person, i will try to avoid having rice for meals at all costs. i would rather hav sushi than to opt for rice. normally during lunch time i'll using choose mee hoon, mee or practically anything but seldom rice. However after I was being sick for the past few days I had cravings for rice. Nothing seems to give me the feeling of fullness besides rice. Had bak kut teh with rice yesterday nite and today I still need rice! So suggested to go to Kitaro for lunch today. Oyakudon it is!! Havent had oyakudon in years still remember last time when i was studying in Brisbane i will go to the food court to get the oyakudon with extra egg and onion. If i didnt forget i think it was aud4.99. The best thing is tat it has yellow raddish as well. Really missed the times in Brisbane. Missed the korean cruisine there, the kimchi fried rice and other good food like 'torts'. I super love torts.
How i wish they hav it here brunei. Their chips are super nice with different dips for their unique chips. Drools. I really should make a trip back to Brisbane to try back all the food Tat I used to hav. Anyways for now it will be oyakudon in kitaro...Itadakimasu!!

muahz & hugz
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