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Friday, March 02, 2012Y
~*roundabout: a grand prix race track*~

ask any drivers in brunei which is the most dangerous roundabout? all will answer the kiulap one. The roundabout is very much like a GrandPrix race track with fast and furious drivers racing their way out of the exits of the roundabout. what makes things worst on the 3-lane roundabout is that drivers tend to hog the outer and the 2nd lane eventhough they are not turning on the next exit which makes it difficult for cars to enter the roundabout and causing massive jam.

once given the glimpse of opportunity to get into the 'racing track', we are bound for surprises coming from both sides. sometimes we might need to attempt to brake to give way for the 'racers' who are trying to drift from the inner most lane to the outer most lane within seconds. so we hav to make sure we don hav any heart problems, it's sometimes worst than a rollercoaster ride *abit too over exaggerated*. the authorities had made alot of effort educating the drivers how to use the round about the right way like putting safety cones, but i guess it's fallen on deaf ears. so all that we can do now is to stay alert and pray tat we drive in and out of the 'racing track' safely. *prays*
*got this really funny comics courtesy from CuboiArt*


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