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Friday, March 09, 2012Y
~*spiral pasta with Napolitana sauce~*

This is another easy recipe for lazy bums like me who wans to cook a quick dinner.
*spiral pasta (I opt for spiral pasta because it's easier to eat. You can use the spoon only without having to wash a fork. Thus lesser washing #lazy)
*yellow capsicum (normally I'll put green n red capsicum too but it's not Tat fresh so left with no choice I only bought yellow ones)
*Napolitana sauce (lazy bums like me don make sauce from scratch. Everything is off the shelf at my convenience)
*Australian onions (bigger than local ones so you two big ones are enough thus less cutting as compared to buying 3 small local onions)
*butter (i prefer to use slightly salted from Lurpak)
*ham (shoulder ham thicker slices from 'Supa Save')

Step 1: Cut all the ingredients (ham, onions, carrot, yellow capsicum, mushrooms) into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Boil water in a pot and add salt before adding the spiral pasta to boil for about 10 minutes. *NOTE* DO NOT add olive oil into the pasta except for those like ravioli. Many will say tat adding olive oil will help to prevent the pasta from sticking together but somehow if the pasta is coated with olive oil it will not be able to absorb the sauce.

*adding salt not only helps to raise the boiling point of water making the pasta cook faster but of course adding taste to the flavorless pasta*

*rinse with water before adding them into the boiling water*

Step 3: On the other wok, heat the wok and add butter to it (loads of butter). Then add in onions and mushrooms first. Fry till the mushrooms soak up all the juices from the onion and butter and saute it for about 5 mins.
*please be generous with the amount of butter*

*fry the onion till it's slightly transparent before adding in mushroom*

Step 4: Add in the remaining ingredients (capsicum, carrot, ham) into the wok. If you prefer more buttery taste, you may add more butter. Then add the sauce in and simmer till the carrots are soft enough.

*add butter and stir stir stir*

Step 5: After 10 minutes, rinse the cooked pasta with cold water to 'stop' the cooking process of the pasta. Then drained it before adding to the pot of sauce.

*fry fry stir stir*

Done and ready to be served in a bowl accompanied by a spoon so that you can eat comfortable while sitting on the sofa and watching your favourite drama. <3

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