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Monday, March 19, 2012Y
~*weekend in Kota Kinabalu*~

Decided to spend a relaxing weekend in Kota Kinabalu, so I decided to stay a night at Magellan Sutera (so we can relax without shopping) and a night at ming garden (to shop n eat). Upon arriving kk we went straight to the Magellan sutera hotel cause it was already 7.30 when we arrived n was kinda desperate for a good dinner. The first impression of the hotel reminds me of the Marriott hotel in Miri cause it's not air conditioned. I booked the deluxe room facing the sea.
Though it's spacious but dated. I was totally disappointed the moment we entered the room (6426) cause the wooden trimmings were so old n the worst thing is the bath tub has yellowish stains n the bathroom looked so 'tired'. N there were spider webs around the trimmings of the door.
Without any hesitation, I took the pictures of the room n went straight to the front desk to complain. The lady then apologized n changed another room (6541) for us. When i went to check the bath tub a lizard appeared! Omg! A 5-star hotel room with lizards! And what's worst, the bath tub is still stained! I called the front desk immediately n complained for Wat I've seen. And asked them is it Tat all the deluxe rooms are so awful. If it's so I can't imagine how does the standard room looks like. So they said Tat they will speak to the manager n get back to me. By then it was already nearly 8.45 so I told them I will need to get my dinner first. So me n my hb decided to try the Italian fine dining at 'Ferdinand's'.
Their signature soup flambeed a la minute at our table. smells so good too. was drooling while the person was cooking.

*zuppa al pomodoro: their signature tomato soup with mushrooms, sea scallop & flat-head lobster*

Apparently it's an award winning restaurant. We were so underdressed Tat nite luckily we were still allowed to enter. Staffs are really polite, though the menu does not hav alot of varieties but we r able to know Wat we wan without much hesitation cause we jus ordered two of their signature dishes n an additional risotto.
*risotto milano: traditional italian saffron rice with lobster, scallops and zucchini*

*their old time favourite: roasted australian chilled baby lamb rack, stuffed egg plant, grilled polenta and red wine shallot sauce*

*the most tender rack of lamb i've ever eaten...mad love the tenderness*

*the 'frozen' tiramisu*

After dinner we went back to the frontdesk to check out Wat r the actions Tat will be taken for the poor-conditioned room. To my surprised they were being nice they told us Tat it's their mistake so they upgraded us to the junior suite in the Magellan club. It's really a nice room with clean bath tubs. Well I paid B$297 for the deluxe sea view room n ended up with a room which costs B$800++. Wat complains would I hav right?
With even better view than the deluxe one we previously had. But if it not for the terrible conditions of the previously rooms I won't hav complained so much. I will still think I won't stay in sutera again unless they do some renovations to their deluxe rooms n I recommend that those who wans to stay there please don hav too high hopes on the condition of the rooms.Didn't really hav good sleep cause i can hear the sounds of mosquito so I tried to cover my whole self but I still need my head to protrude out so I can breathe, woke up in the morning to find out Tat my eyes and lips were swollen cause of the mosquito bites.
So had to wear shades the whole day today hence no makeup today. Great! Complimentary breakfast at 'Five Sails' then after Tat we head up to the golf course n take up the beginner's gold lesson for an hour in our improper attire.
I really think we r either over dressed on the beach or underdressed for golf n fine dining dinner. Well it's a holiday so it doesn't matter :p. Golf was tiring. I thought my right should jus got dislocated from my arm. But it was fun. Guess we will be signing up for golf lessons when we get back to Brunei.

After the tiring lessons we head to the other hotel in sutera which is the 'pacific sutera'. It's not as nice as the Magellan sutera so I'm glad my fren recommended me to stay in Magellan sutera instead. Decided to try out the Chinese restaurant called 'silk garden' but it was full n we did not wan to sit outside cause it's jus too hot so we had to wait about half an hour before we could get a place. While waiting we jus strolled around the hotel n saw this really nice wedding altar near the beach. So romantic.

How I wish I can hav a beach wedding too. But I'm afraid my makeup will all melt under the scorching hot sun.Had dim sum at silk restaurant but the dim sum is not Tat great I also Donno how come the restaurant was even awarded a prize.
The porridge was so salty n the egg tart sucks. So there's nothing great about Tat restaurant but after lunch we jus felt our eye lids getting heavier n heavier so went back to our room to zzz away till 4 then checked out from sutera n then checked into ming garden so Tat I can meet up with jack n his family before we can head to the shopping center calling centerpoint. However before Tat we head to some market place to get some coffee powder n salted fish.
*ming garden's deluxe room, trust me the condition is so much better than magellan sutera's deluxe room and jus half the price*

Centerpoint shopping center is quite a disappointment. I don remember it being so 'messy' and having those hooligans hanging around there. Felt quite uncomfortable walking there. Didn't buy much, jus managed to go daiso to grab some stuffs.Dinner was at some seafood place which olivia's fren recommended. The location of the restaurant cause kinda located in the suburb with minimal decoration n very little seafood variety. When I saw the crab really 'bo lat' it's so small!! It definitely can't be compared to the Sri lankan crab which we normally hav in Singapore. I can't even be bothered to peel the crab shell myself cause its not worth getting my finger nails chipped.
Well the dinner was actually quite cheap cause the bill came up to only rm281 for 9 adults n 1 kid. But we r really grateful for olivia's fren to bring us to the seafood place cause its impossible for us to find it ourselves. We later went to a stall to buy supper, Andy said Tat the chicken wings is really tasty n the lamb satay is great as well but since it's already quite late we jus ordered 2 chicken wings n some satays but I cancelled the satay order after I saw this! Ants!! Crawling around the pre-cooked satay!!
*please focus on the black ants around the rim of the plates!!*

*the end product*

N the lady does not even care about it! Turn-off. The chicken wings tasted not bad, I think maybe it's cause of the after-effect of the crawling ends around the satay! *nightmare*.Woke up quite early the next morning cause we wanna go 'gaya street'. Normally I would be so lazy to go to markets like these but we jus tagged along cause there's nothing much to do. But it;s really an eye-opener, surprisingly this market sells almost everything u can think of, from clothings to hardware stuff like locksets n even animals like kittens, parrots, fish n even frogs!

*a pario, my ONLY purchase from gaya street...i WAN to go to the beach now*
After gaya street we headed to one of the famous top 15 must try food in kk called Jin Jin seafood restaurant to try out their famous fish Mee hoon soup. They serve two different types of soup base which is the tomato n the Tom yam one. I opted for the tomato soup based with fish skin, fish ball, and fish dumplings as for my hb he opted for the Kolomee n soup containing fish ball and fish cake instead. We ordered the fried fish cake which was recommended by jack.Honestly, I will think Tat the place is a little bit overrated by those bloggers.
Yes, the fried fish cake is nice but I don think the Mee hoon soup is so super nice as described by most of the food bloggers. Will eat it again cause the fish is really fresh n if I hav the chance but definitely will not crave for it.Went back to hotel to nap after a heavy breakfast before we checked out to go 'Suria Sabah' to do some last minute shopping, well it wasn't a shopping trip as promised so two hours of shopping will not be considered shopping rite? Jus managed to buy a few things. Got my sports watch so theres no excuse for not doing sports cause not having a watch but i still a pair of running shoes!

*my patriotic bf*

*such a cute sight*

Well Tat concludes our relaxing weekend in kk. Definitely a relaxing one but food wise it's not Tat satisfying, luckily we went to ferdinand's restaurant for dinner and the fried fish cake from Jin Jin restaurant so at least I've got something good in memory for kk food cause in terms of seafood I will still prefer Singapore or Penang.

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