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Wednesday, March 07, 2012Y
~*will you be able to survive a day without your mobile phone*~

I definitely cannot survive a day without my mobile phone with me...wait...mobile phone is not specific enough. I CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT MY IPHONE! i still remember when i was still using my 3gs and for some reason when i woke up one morning, it jus totally won't work. it can't even switch on and can't even charge. i got so panic and started calling my frens to help find out wat's the problem. i was having panic attack at tat time. my mum was saying there are still other phones at home which you may use if my iphone failed to operate...BUT NO! i wan my iphone...i can't survive without it. the sole function of a mobile is no longer jus be used for making calls or sending SMS. Making normal calls and SMS are functions of the 'past'. wat everyone is using now are programs which are installed to their smart phones like whatsapp, viber, etc. Besides tat we are also addicted to social applications like facebook, twitter, instagram, and so much other uprising applications.well, luckily after i left it charging for about 30 mins, i managed to see the brightly-lit apple icon on the black background...so happy!*rejoice* thus no matter what i will not place a bet of 'who can survive a day without ur mobile' with my frens cause i know i'll lose for sure. i bet they will too. Nowadays, it's kinda sad how when u go out for dinner or jus having tea-time, you will see everyone will be playing their phone and ignoring their frens or families who are on the same table with them. like how my parents will normally nag at me and say 'why wanna stay connected with other who are not even on this table? why not spend more time with the person in front of u?' well it's easy said than done rite??
*is this normally the case?*

i can't even survive with a normal phone which only allows me to make calls or sms. i need a smart phone with internet connectivity! i won't be able to know wat's happening around the world and around my friends (facebook), won't be able to know wat obama is currently thinking (twitter), won't know wat jamie oliver will cooking right now and how good the dish looks (instagram).
*reasons of the past*

i still remember when i was in Korea last year, i was disconnected from the world for 1.5 days cause there's no wifi in the hotel and i didn't get to buy a local simcard there. OMG. felt so disconnected. i'm sure my tour mates felt that too cause when we managed to find a wifi hotspot in everland, we all practically stood there to retrieve our emails, whatsapp messages, update facebook status and didn't even wanna get into the theme park. i know we hav became over reliance on the internet. first it was 3G and we were all so happy about the speed, then in comes 3.5G. But users will nvr be satisfied no matter wat, so to cater for the ever increasing user traffic...in comes 4G at last! 4G will allow users to surf speed up to 10times that of 3G. Can't u imagine the decrease in waiting time when we wan to upload pictures on facebook or loading the pictures on instagram? If u're a social media butterfly then #Yes4G Super 68 Unlimited Postpaid Plans is here for u! i wonder when will brunei hav 4G coverage instead of having to wait endlessly for videos on youtube to load during busy hours. i bet with the 4G coverage it will not even buffer, with us a click of the button it will just play the video smoothly. *dreams*

muahz & hugz
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